renegade1904 slime trails

For those who can remember @theoutlawjimmy used to call his blog ” Renegades Blog”  but got a bit worried when he started to write hate blogs, afraid someone would find more about him.  This is how he finds information out about his victims, he doesn’t even bother to check if what he finds is true or not, or even if the information is about the person he is attacking.

Hes locked his account, and is deleting tweets and blogs, all a waste of time. This morning he is reporting that his fathers memorial was damaged yesterday evening, and has also taken the memorial page down about his father.

for someone that is practically blind, and doesnt drive hes on various forums as the proud owner of a Variant car.

used to have a blogger account

so many with this message


Sorry, This video has been deleted because of copyright so not just on his blog eh

theres enough out there, will take him ages to delete all these accounts, and they will stay in google cache for years to come just google renegade 1904

He has a sick interest in chain saws, which once upon a time he said they were hedge trimmers.

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