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Below are some examples of e-mails I received from a person who claimed to me on Wednesday evening (20.11.13) that he has “MASTERS” who decide what he says and writes. He’s been digging for my name deeper than anybody else’s, I’m their prime target for the foreseeable. Face?… Bovvered?
He claims to “only want to support me”. The examples were sent in the spring of 2013 so you can only imagine the depths he’s been to since then. Anyone might think he was trying to lead me away from the Bryn Estyn abuse stories. You know the one? That one, yes the  Bryn Estyn/Messham/Newsnight/thingee magiggee. You know…….? The reason I came on here in the first instance. Anyway since then there’s been many more from him.
I wouldn’t be surprised if my personal life is laid out before you all very shortly. Face?…..Bovvered? Just remember this, what ever you cum across will contain no lies, no fabrications.
Number one e-mail
Dear Darren.
This is a brief outline of the oddballs.Don’t know if it’s any use.
I’ll not post links because one or more of them have fucked my machine again but you can google all info.
Through traces,if he is who he has said he is he’s J S
His address *******************************************BW. Tel:  023
His partner is ******** ************.No children at that address.
S was also Chair of Governors at ***** Infant School.
Now,S might not be gojam.He could have had his identity used.
His blog started in May 2012, was concerned with Thucyides also known as Perseus.
He then took up the case of CSA after the Savile story broke.
He is using other ID’s,on his blog,twitter and DI.
He has interests in hedge funds/financial as do a lot of his ‘followers’ like Mr P Brown.
Claims to be dead.Claims to be Andrew C Rowland and lived in Henley.Born 1958.No records.
Claims to have an ex and child in Florida.
Also rumoured to be gay
Claimed to be big shot security/IT bloke for banks and airlines but chucked it to become an author.
He claimed to be a racing car expert – Caterham 7’s.
He was a Y2K nut who thought the world was going to end.
Uses names Anders,Anders7777,Anders77777,Andrew Rowland,Andy,atomic earth mother,Mr Wiley,Dame du Lac ,Tony Roma and many more.
He was supposedly a member of the Cassiopaeans, a cult from Florida and Wisconsin and has links to Europe,France mainly.
He has made claims that MI5/6 and FBI were on his case.
Was involved in setting up Perseus Foundation.
Thomas Patrick Christopher Moore.
Tom Moore,Uses many aliases including Warren Buckley,Paul Helm,Dick/Richard Foot,David Bowman and many more.
Lived,Rochdale and Croydon,now Berkshire,Reading area I think.
Has many twitter and DI identities.On DI he was claydog among others
On twitter he is Jahbulon.If you check his following there is Masonic Lodge Nut.This has his photo and gives some of his other ID’s.
He is also Veritas on twitter and has a FB account that had loads of Thomas the Tank stuff on it.
I did see something that he had been sectioned at one time.
He has been injuncted against by Sarah Branson,barrister, and Geraint Davies MP.
Branson is involved in domestic/child law and worked for Davies when Croydon MP and NSPCC.
Through searches a Paul Helm,one of his names has wrote and spoke about Thucyides/Perseus.
This bloke is apparently renowned for trawling the internet and harvesting identities.
I did trace him to a site in Germany where he posed as a 15 y o girl but that was Xmas time.Cannot find it at the minute.
What was interesting was that John Allens former business partner was on the same site.I’ll try and find it.He was a bloke from Shropshire.
Theres things I’ve forgot here but it’s something to go off.
What links these three names though is Thucyides/Perseus and CSA.
So,IMO all these people are in fact the same person OR a network of people with ulterior motives in close contact possibly even with links to a paedo ring,media or government.
Whatever and whoever they are they’re definitely not right in the heed.
All the best,
Number 2 E-Mail
Watching closely and digging around with the info from *** (good man)….
Need to get on Gojam’s nerves a bit methinks…
Onward.. Sent from my iPad
Number 3 E-Mail
P Brown is a game thats unfortunately went severely wrong for him personally.
He claims to be close to you.If that were true I will step away.Can you confirm yes or no.
I think no,but I have been wrong plenty of times.
If I’m right then I will see that Mr Brown is my business.
I shall correct that misdemeanor right away.
Then I’m off to bed just like Mr Brown .
Look after yourself Darren.
Don’t know if it’s easier or you want to but you can have me number if you want.
Speak later.
Number 4 E-Mail
Hiya Buddy,
I am a bit wary of her because she posts on the Icke Forums as ‘Bellahunter’ so that is a lie when she said she did not contribute. K**** has linked her to working at a Care Home in Wrexham along with her husband… He is still digging.But she and her hubby are definitely Social Workers… No need to tell you, but not sure of her interest as yet. All this can be checked online as I am sure you already have..
Speak Soon
JJ  Sent from my iPad
Keep checking for more honest and revealing information about these evil dark and dangerous individuals/teamoutlaw members
PS.  I’m receiving compliments for something I know nothing of.


  1. Shevatwo Burton (Susan Melrose) is in the old Jimmy Jones and Jane Russell gang.
    The article she placed is in fact based on lies that she had imagined up in her head.
    I have had the unfortunate task of speaking to this person on the telephone to which 95% of the time she would ring me up drunk.
    When I had enough of her making false allegations against me to which I told her nicely to go away.
    Susan was not happy with that and continued to phone me a further number of times to which she was very abusive.
    I then began to get nasty vile messages on Facebook from Jane Russell and decided to see if I could find any pictures of Jane Russell and Susan Melrose to which I found.
    Jane Russell and Susan Melrose are in fact the same person but also seems to be really good pals with Jimbo Jones.
    When ever Jimbo Jones attacks a person on Twitter Jane Russell sticks her nose in to support Jimbo.
    I noticed that the wording of Jane Russells is the same as Susan Melrose.
    These 2 people should not be taken seriously and I would strongly advise all victims of abuse to avoid these 2 people at all costs.
    These people are not out to help victims of abuse their just out to destroy what ever humanity the victims have left.
    Being abused in the care system is devastating for any victim but to be faced with 2 trolls hell bent on making the victims lives hell is just as bad as being abused.
    I am a victim of abuse but dedicated my life to helping victims making sense of the abuse that they had been through but when Jimbo and Susan Melrose attacks those very victims it just brings the past abuse home to he victims.
    I have witnessed these 2 bullying and abusing victims and then have the gore to accuse me of attacking sites to which I have never done as its not my nature.
    I run my own blog and I have positive feed back about how my site is ran but yet those names keep cropping up.
    I have had phone calls from victims in tears after these trolls have attacked them from numerous fake accounts.
    Jjimbo claimed he was in Broadmoor and then a min later he states he was never in Broadmoor.
    Is this man a compulsive liar, YES he does not even know what he had for breakfast.
    He told someone he burnt a school down and told someone else he murdered 2 people as a child.
    I have to say that I do not believe he was in Broadmoor as a child as Broadmoor only deals with adults whom are a danger to the public.who are too far gone in the head.
    I find it ironic that Jimbo Jones claims to help victims of abuse but never seen any messages from victims.
    He just publishes attack after attack from victims but never publishes his attacks on victim.
    He wants people to think he is a good guy but the reality is he is just another bully boy out to abuse people and one day with some hope his victims will seek him out and he will regret the day he abused them.

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