++#REVISED UPDATE++ on “Too many people got too much to hide”.

++#REVISED UPDATE++ on “Too many people got too much to hide”.

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A fellow blogger sent me this earlier. It was discovered hidden among thousands of other words and dated November 2013. Whereas this entry was written a month earlier in October. I clearly alleged false allegations had been made by this individual during his interview with CH4 about the Bryn Estyn Boys School/home. I also stated he’d shared unbelievable experiences with me which I doubted.Below is a 100% retraction of the allegations he told the world  in the Channel 4 interview. here He completely denies anything occurred. They are his very own words written by him. No trolls, spooks or MI5 just him. No bloody bed sheets, no posh cars, no MP’s, no “new watches or shiny shoes”. His stay was “uneventful”. I wonder if CH4 are responsible for producing a completely false and fabricated news item? Or where they fooled like many others over the past 13 months? I’ll find out shall I? Rushes are unused footage which have been cut out of the final edited piece or interview. All rushes or dallies are stored for………well anything, you just never know do you? What will I find? I have the date, the participant and the drive to make inquires. Shouldn’t be too much trouble as the video is still circulating. Eyes down for the findings.

I’ll leave you with his written words.

“My recollections of the Bryn Estyn Children’s Home were limited to say the least.The short time I spent there were mainly uneventful, tedious to the point of boredom as I recall. Any difficulties I encountered in the care system happened elsewhere, so the lurid tales of VIP Paedophile rings and systematic maltreatment were not in evidence during my brief stay.” (Royden Jones November 2013)
Bryn Estyn Secure Unit on the right. “Seen an MP’s car 5 times”
was the comment made on the video below.

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