Female Troll Jane Russell

Wednesday, 16 July 2014

Female Troll Jane Russell

“I was wondering whether any residents who raped their peers in kids homes are keeping a low profile or whether any are gobbing off trying to intimidate people into silence or to make it look like they are a Mother Superior in the anti CSA cause.

All we hear about is abuse by Staff, but it shouldn’t be forgotten that some of the kids were animals & used rape of their peers as a filthy control method (apart from other things) to make ‘em feel well ‘ard.”

(Failing to address the question; Why did her champion victim have his photo taken in almost the same place and position as me, only 25 years later. She mocks two of the smallest animals on earth.)

On another note, I was thinking of getting a Yorkshire Terrier. Thought it might make me look menacing. Grrrrrr!

Don’t mess with my handbag hound he’ll give you a nasty nip hahahahahahaha


Picture source is unknown 🙂


My favourite Internet news knob namely Old Git followed with this beauty of a comment. xx

I said,on a previous post,on a previous article,that from what I have read here,over a period of time, Mr. Daring Lavatory is VERY definitely under the control & payment of MI5/& or/Special Branch.

How else could he get away with all the shi*t he’s doing?

He HAS to discredit Outlaw, or a future enquiry, with Outlaw giving factual evidence, could blow the roof off of the official story.

Back to Jane Russell   July 15, 2014 at 8:58 am said:

It is extremely strange how he has ticked the box for every criteria for stalking and harassment 10 times over according to the Legal Guidance by the CPS and the only 1 who doesn’t seem to see it is the person who decided there wasn’t enough evidence to show it was directed at J. Wonder how much he gets paid to be that blind.

YES – EXTREMELY STRANGE INDEED OG! Did he only get the charge he got because there was a very reliable witness on the scene and therefore they had no choice but to charge him? Would they have let him off that charge if the very reliable witness was not physically present?

Wonder if the public can send off FOI requests to find out which Senior Police Officers are Freemasons.

I also wonder if the same condition will apply as with Hillsborough to the CSA Inquiry where the relatives insisted that Freemason Police had nothing to do with the re-investigation.
If not, this new CSA Inquiry will be just the same as Waterhouse, a load of old lies and not worth the paper it’s written on, let alone the millions that will be wasted on these new investigations.

Trouble is, all this pandemonium is orchestrated as much as possible. The people don’t even realise that they are possibly nudging the genuine survivors over the cliff of no return.

Is anyone really daft enough to think that the truth will out and that the real top tree wrong ‘uns will ever get their rightful punishment?

1st rule of Government – don’t believe a word they say.

2nd rule, when they say it’ll be an ‘Independent’ Inquiry, you know they are lying. They always hold the strings. Nothing is Independent where HM Corruption HQ are concerned


The screen shots below were grabbed from an account that attempted to gain access to a baby swimming school’s Facebook account. The baby swimming schools account contains pictures of parents and babies during swimming classes and underwater photo shoots. Among the pictures are pictures of solicitors, police support staff, police officers, RAF pilots, teachers, GP’s as well as many other professionals, and their babies. The incident was reported as a matter of urgency and is now in the hands of those best qualified to deal with it.

The women in the imagine is posing as pregnant. Why?
Friends on list the Jane Russell account


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