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What a shame this shit is. You’re both supposedly on the same side. If you two actually put your heads together you could do some serious damage.

  • ‘On the same side?’

    You have obviously missed the point, Gojam is on Gojams side, he cares nothing about survivors of abuse, they are merely ‘stories’ he uses to enhance his reputation as you will see when the celebrity nonsense begins to attract less attention.

    The Needle will either switch to whatever else is in the public eye and gets him some attention, or ‘do a Madlands’ and disappear without trace.

    I have done my research, as have others and I can assure you that this particular blogger is simply a small part of an altogether bigger picture.

    Only time will tell.

    Thanks for your comment and your concerns, but very few genuine survivors will go near the Needle for the reasons that I have tried to outline.

    • But my eyes have been well and truly opened by his blog, as they have been by other blogs, yours included. As an outside observer, I think you both waste too much time on each other. If he’s everything you say he is it will come out in the end.

      As for the comment below… give over!

  • You are a star outlaw. Gojam is an egotistical odious little man. He would sell his own granny for a shot as a big time journo.The defence of “the list” was priceless during the week. Standing by it even though he stated himself that chris fay thought Carol Kasir was telling him what he wanted to hear rather than it being reliable and fact based. The truth is he has been following this narrative for the last year and can’t bear when when the facts don’t fit so he spins it and attacks those that question him as he always has done.

  • Gojam’s comments about you are breathtaking. It’s difficult for readers to spot all the details, so thanks for putting this up Jimmy.
    I was hoping that you’d all be able to work together on this issue – but seriously, G has stepped over the line – the “take your meds” line – I mean, what the actual f***? It’s astonishing.
    I’m still going to follow G (blog and twitter) but with open eyes this time.
    The truth really does win in the end. Well, it better do or we’re all f***ed.
    Keep it up, I’m spreading the word the best I can.

    1. From what I hear you were arrested last year due to your cyber attacks on victims and so on.
      Maybe its time you came clean to all your readers about why you were in Broadmoor.
      You claim to be on the side of victims but then attack those very victims on Twitter and on Facebook.
      You have also targeted Chris Fay who worked for NAYPIC who worked towards protecting victims from abuse in the care system.
      I have seen the old stories about the abuse that took place at Langton House and I have seen Sheva Burton run her story and could not even get it right despite being told the true account of the abuse that took place from a real victim whom is known for his work and also was responsible for the closure of Langton House.
      It would seem that your never happy unless your discrediting and attacking victims and investigators.
      You tend to befriend any person who is a victim of abuse who is friends with Sheva Burton but as soon as she causes a problem and then is removed from the friends list you follow suit.
      If your going to be taken seriously about anything you need to stop attacking victims and other investigators and for once in your life do the right thing.
      If your going to work with victims then be a man and stop your attacks on people and set an example to the victims.
      Personally I do not think you should be working with victims because of your attacks towards everyone.
      It would seem that you have an axe to grind with everyone but then those who you attack are the people who judge you for everything.
      I have noticed that each time you attack a victim or an investigator Sheva Burton is always there to back you up and visa versa.
      I have heard some things that just turn my stomach about you both such as Sheva offers sex for information from victims.
      Now in my book that is grooming a victim of abuse and your both no better then the abusers who did those offences.
      In your world your always right and everyone is wrong.
      I do not know what your problem is with people but it needs to stop

      • I am keen to hear what you have heard about me that would ‘turn your stomach’.. Please share if you would be so kind. Uckfield yet again? If you had bothered to read more articles on this blog you would quickly discover the reason I was placed in Broadmoor while still a child. It’s called research. The rest of your accusations are pure fantasy and I invite you to ask anybody, apart from the usual troll team on Twitter, who exactly have I ‘attacked’. I defend myself admittedly, but in your world that is normally seen as an attack on defenceless ‘victims’. I have nothing to hide. ‘Grooming’? That is a hell of an accusation, for which I would like you to to furnish some evidence of.. I do not work with victims, so you do not have to worry yourself on that score. I merely identify the liars and the charlatans. As 99% of CSA victims would not behave in the way that the supposed ‘Victims’ do online, they are fairly easy to spot.

    2. Tazz sounding like some seriously desperate last ditch tactic.
      You should check your facts before it looks like a bit of a wazz.

      Oh dear, the more I read the more of a nasty little weasel Tazz becomes.

      J has alerted people to the facts, not the things they are fooled into believing, but the actual truth. Some people clearly have a hard time when they are outed as liars or victim jockeys, or people who clearly are more danger to CSA survivors than they are a help. Some are absolutely clueless, yet shout load & it makes fools trust & believe in them – makes me wince! Ain’t that right Mr Reeves O’Connell or whatever your name is this week? Seriously bad judgement some people have – worryingly so!

      Amazing isn’t it, you’ve not been on Twitter for weeks, yet these rodents still seek you out to nibble at your heels? Obsessive creepy behaviour, plain for all to see. What are these abusing anti CSA campaigner pretenders like eh? Fortunately their stupidity always seems to catch them out, as the above message from ‘Tazz’ no doubt has. If they all put their brain cells together, they still wouldn’t be able to get a spark.

      It’s shameful that one of the only genuine people who I had encountered on Twitter is the one these big mouthed, clueless, dishonest, con artists & chancers have been hell bent on trying to destroy. Some not just the dumb as spuds variety, some with actual pasts of some standing or murky in some way. Hmmm velly, velly stlange.

      People can make up their own minds why they think that might be, but I know what I think.

      “Too many people got too much to hide”.
      I heard a wise man say that somewhere once – I didn’t need to ask him to repeat it 5 times though funnily enough – made perfect sense the first time I heard it & makes even MORE sense now.

      • I gather your Jane Russell supporter of Jimmy Jones to which you by all accounts have never met or spoken to but your quick to ramble on attacking anyone who dares to confront the notorious liar Jimmy Jones who by all accounts was only in care for a month and told people that he was never abused and then tells others he was abused.
        But yet you attack people in the same way just like Jimmy Jones.
        Hmmm I think you are the one and only Jimmy Jones out to make as many peoples lives hell as you can.
        I have my own saying just like you .

        • I can only suggest you check your sources a bit better, as all I can see is you throwing baseless accusations around.

          Please find one person who’s life I have ‘made hell’ apart from the usual group of online trolls who have been after me for over a year now, and also lie as easy as they breathe.

        • Actually you seem to have you facts wrong – why am I not surprised? I remember a pretend Chartered Psychologist saying the very same thing to me funnily enough – the same one who tried to get people to trust their little friend, which I didn’t need to pretend to be a chartered psychologist or anything else to work out something really wrong was going on. Remember, YOU dills decided to drag me into this – you picked the wrong woman if you think your sad little intimidation tactics are going to scare me away. The more you bleat on & ramp up your vile vendetta, the more I gather speed, so carry on dillon!
          Well actually gobby, I have spoken to Jimmy Jones a lot & to hos wife – no, we have not met, purely as it’s a matter of logistics. Is that ok with you? I know his story, so your libelous clap trap won’t wash with me.
          Jimmy Jones is one of the very few GENUINE CSA survivors I encountered on Twitter & thanks to you pieces of filth, I have made a great lifelong friend, so thanks for that, you did me a big favour, for he and his family are truly lovely people & I consider them to be special friends & all because of you weirdos. Wasn’t quite the plan you had in mind was it – ahh never mind.
          Now is it not more than seriously idiotic to keep posting your venomous little snipes on this website, knowing that IP’s are being recorded & will be handed over to the Police? You people do seem to share the 1 brain cell, never have I encountered such a bunch of venomous little dopes – quite incredible the lack of intelligence you all seem to share – perhaps that’s why you all have to pretend to be something you are not.
          Never have I witnessed such an evil tirade on 1 man and his family & sorry, but I won’t stand by & watch you wilfs try to destroy a man & his family without doing the right thing & standing up to you.
          Now go and play in the traffic, or something equally as useful to mankind – you are a waste of a life.

          • Jimmy Jones is not a victim never has been and never will be

            Idol little empty threats coming from a TROLL.

            I wonder what Wrexham police will do when I tell them he is back to his old ways once again.

            Oh by the way my name is not DILLION and believe me I can give as good as I get so feel free and try me.

            You need to be in a hospital for the mentally retarded because I think your just an idiot

        • I have recently discovered that somebody proporting to run the ‘Langton House 2013′ blog, has indeed been attacking other websites, so that kinda makes your allegations a bit hypocritical and rather misleading.

          • a very serious allegation to make when in fact you can not provide any supporting evidence but then you would know that as you have attacked people like gojam and then you tell many that your the victim

            I would like you to provide evidence to what you say such as screen shots from those blogs because at the moment your comments are liable and people rely on a little word called evidence but then you do not know about stuff like that do you wanker

    3. I have just stumbled on this site and I am shocked to what I have read.
      Firstly it seems that this site has been set up to encourage hatred between people as I have read these comments and posts.
      I run my own site and this is not the way a site should be run.
      It would seem that there is a lot of bullying going on between people trying to see who can get one over on people.
      You all state that your CSA victims but then real CSA victims would not bully and abuse people putting up posts.
      You state your all victims but then I am getting the idea that the victims are turning into bullies such as the abusers before and so on.
      If you all want to live in the past then fine but dont be like your abusers.


      • OK.. this needs a response.

        Your comment seems to be based on one article. This blog has not been set up to encourage hatred in any way and I struggle to see how you could arrive at that conclusion.

        The article above is based on almost a year of negative interaction and abuse directed at myself and others by that blog owner.

        I full appreciate your comments, but I do also encourage you to read a bit more as to what has been happening over the course of a year of dealing with that site.

        I would not be that arrogant that I would attempt to tell you how your website should be run either, as I believe that everybody should be free to make their own decisions.

        Langton House?

        I do believe that an ex-resident from there contacted me once with a serious complaint regarding the way they were treated by Chris Fay and Gojam from the Needle blog.

        Something about Chris Fay had wanted the survivor’s compensation paymenTs paid through his own personal bank account, I believe.

        Am I right?

        I offered the best advice I could and the very next day, this same person, (oddly with the same IP address as you are using) had totally done an about face and started attacking both myself and this site for no apparent reason.

        You shall have to work out yourself why that would be, but there are so many liars and people spreading poison regarding CSA issues, I do not even begin to regard people as credible while they remain anonymous and repeat endless and strikingly similar comments which are designed to disrupt any practical way forward.

        • Maybe you would like to tell me who this person is as people do use use my computer and I have no way of tracking what is being done on line.

          • It’s not for me to give out names here, my email address is clearly displayed on the site.

            Maybe you should rethink your computer security as if you say anyone can gain access and say anything they wish.

            • My computer is used by family members but then I gather you have my Email address so please feel free and Email me that persons name.
              All I know was someone put your page in my book marks so I thought I would investigate further.

              • I suggest you just delete the link to this blog from your bookmarks to save time on any investigation.

                I do not have your email address BTW why would I?

    4. Why wont you give me that persons name so I can investigate unless what your saying is not true.
      Who contacted you in relation to Chris Fay and when and was it by telephone or text or Twitter or Face book.
      Unless you tell me I can not investigate this matter further to help you.

      • Why would I need your help?

        I have not asked for it nor need it.

        From your tone, ie: saying it must be untrue as I will not give confidential information out, is a dead giveaway as to your intentions.

        I no longer wish to continue this via the comment section on this site.

        As I said earlier, my email address is clearly shown on the website.

        • What is my intentions Jimmy as you seem to think you know.
          Why are you being attacked so much because people do not attack people without good cause.
          What is it you do to people for them to attack you.
          Am I getting the little hint that you do not wish to give out this information because you have lied.
          If your genuine then people would not attack you besides my site is never attacked so why are you being attacked.
          Its more likely your not comfortable with my line of questioning.
          I should imagine you do not like being questioned as that means your comfort zone has been breached.

          • What are you talking about?

            You sound somewhat paranoid now.

            I shall make this as simple as I can “I DO NOT GIVE OUT PERSONAL INFORMATION” in the comments section of this site, nor anywhere else.

            • Me paranoid? I think not.
              You told someone you were in Broadmoor Hospital as a child.
              Broadmoor is in fact a secure hospital for people who are dangerous who raped and committed murder and all sorts.
              They do not take children in Broadmoor.
              So Jimmy you claim I am paranoid but then you stated your bipolar

              • I am just waiting for you to accuse me of attacking and abusing you in some way.

                Which is the normal online M.O.

                I said you are sounding paranoid, if you are or not I really have no idea.

                Again, you commented on this site first because you allege that some mysterious person placed a bookmark to this site on your computer.

                How is that anything to do with me?

                How does my mental health status affect you?

                What are you trying to gain from this apart from putting a link to your site each time you comment?

    5. I may have a nae for this dipstick or the name it pretends to use anyway & some more info about it. Sees it’s a known abuser to many. So let it carry on ranting like a banshee – it may be doing it from a Police cell eventually

    6. I think it’s probably one of our little hacker wannabe friends from the ‘fan club’. Uckfield – bordering Kent. Not having a little gathering of weirdos there are they?

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