MORE MORE MORE (Troll Troll Trolling Along)

Friday, 11 July 2014

MORE MORE MORE (Troll Troll Trolling Along)

This is doing the rounds on the net too. The same name appears many times on the comment section of a blog which sounds similar to shout whore. All very pally pally and supportive of each other. Can you tell what it is yet? Go on have a guess. Oops nearly forgot, the same account/name/shill accused me of rape. Never offered any evidence of it but hey who needs evidence its the internet and anything goes. Not quite the same as real life is it?

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Another e-mail from last May. Any allegations of me being a troll for 2 years should be dispelled by this. Below is the work of a particular impotent internet troll associated with my other trolls….aka #teamoutlaw Grouchy aka Martyrpope aka Mildred Pilchard aka too many to list. A recent death death from him was reported and by pure coincidence the police oop north knew of him. His name isn’t Keith but just another alias. He thinks he an artist too. pmsl

Most of you will be aware of my fuck ups. My biggest being a deaf dumb blind dick who was manipulated by these experienced internet trolls. None of the below is edited.

From: kkandm <>

To: realjimmyjones <>
Sent: Wed, 22 May 2013 17:20
Subject: It’s a long one.

Alright mate,
Just putting in writing what we talked about this morning so you can see how I see it from the outside.
Facts are you,Darren,Messham and Gregory were all in the care system along with thousands of others.
You all share in common a time at Bryn Estyn.
You’re all aware of the abuses that went on both there and the wider system.
Then the whistle is blown by Alison Taylor foremost and the cover-up begins.A cover-up pre designed.
Messham and to an extent Gregory are part of that cover-up designed to protect big fish both locally and nationally.
Their voices and versions are the only ones heard and pushed by a media who themselves are involved in the cover-up.
This involves incriminating innocent staff members to protect the guilty.
McAlpine is implicated by Messham.But willingly in return for a fat wallet.
He allows the story to circulate and allows Messham,who is on his team to spread the story.
All the time they have an exit plan,
By using his own principles he will be declared innocent by the very man who originally named him by stating a case of
mistaken identity and making it impossible for anyone else to accuse him.
At the same time his wealth increases and no doubt Messham is looked after.

For years the story only circulates in little read Scallywag,Private Eye,Icke etc.Then the internet takes over.
Elm GH scandal breaks after Savile dies,calls for a new inquiry into N Wales.Specifically N Wales.
Bryn Estyn is the focus.A deliberate distraction perhaps to the wider Bryn Alyn Community.
McAlpine wasn’t there because Messham has now said so.He’s safe.
One man has come out on TV as saying specifically McAlpine is not a paedophile.Messham.

However,there is a problem.
You and Darren and others in the background know that Messham is a liar.And also an abuser himself.
Messham is protected though,by powerful people and rewarded for sticking to their agenda.
For them,Messham can be the only authoratative voice on care home abuse.
His health and mental state are then used to garner sympathy for him making it unthinkable that anyone would doubt
what he has to say after all his suffering.
Anyone who doubts Messham is obviously a deranged bully and paedo protector.
That’s you and Darren and those that believe you.Me,Kate,Jane Mooch and anyone who dares support you.
But we’re not being accused by the big fish.No.They’ve got some small fry doing their dirty work.
All sorts of lunatics,non-entities and conspiracy theorists whose basis for attacking you is the defence of Steve Messham.
Jan – a vicious god bothering victim junkie.
Sue- a perpetual lunatic hypochondriac.
In all their various guises to make them appear popular.And all their delude hangers on.
Adeybob-a total lunatic,useful idiot with a possible socially dangerous demeanour.
Paul-an opinionated pervy looking bloke who appears as the others are struggling to get their message across.
Will Black-a self proclaimed writer/journo.His aim is to continue discrediting you and Darren and your support.For his book.
Gojam- a self interested wannabe journo who feeds the press victims stories for money
Madlands-Didn’t believe Messham or Mary Moss then starts a hashtag campaign in support of their stories.Then fucks off in the huff.
Dr Tig-Looking to make a name for herself as a so called expert with a pretence of helping victims.
James Reeves-has a tale to tell.Most of it imagined or at least embellished.Never ceases tweeting abuse stories.
And many many more.
Then we have David Icke,who drops everything to meet you personally.Strange.
He slanders McAlpine for years,yet no action is taken.He is friends with David Shayler,still rumoured to have MI5 links.
A friend of Alex Jones,a rumoured US shill.
Shayler has connections to Paul through the GANDALF trial wher his barrister was the eminent Ken MacDonald QC.
A possible deliberate action to get Paul removed from trial to keep his cover ?
Shayler and then girlfriend Annie Machon also MI5 lived at Belinda MacKenzies house.
Belinda fronts the Hollie Greig campaign and rumoured to be profiting from its disinfo.
She was previously involved in Iran Aid and alleged to be involved in a £5million fraud and was a front for going to war.
One of her biggest backers is Icke,especially on the Hollie Greig story.
Is she involved somewhere in this .Is Icke.And are they involved in keeping a lid on the truth you and Darren hold.
Is will involved with Icke.Probably.
Whatever it is mate,you and Darren are doing a grand job and we will find out.I’ll help you any way I can.
You’ll have your day.
All the best,Keith.

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