Friday, 18 July 2014

Watching You Watching Me

Feast your eyes folks. There’s so much of this shit I didn’t want to drown you in an OCEAN of shite so here’s a few snap shots of the freaks at work in their little and lonely cave. Enjoy the weekend
The media are definitely trying to tie Morrisson to Bryn Estyn instead of anywhere else, which is what Channel4 did….More distraction perhaps?

Did you see Jen’s comment on the Outlaw tonight? She seems pretty certain there is media involvement with the troll team. Will Black, Tom Pride, Gojam are almost certainly linked to the Media and have political links too.. Makes a lot of sense. In fact I may even discuss it with Barbara Hewson at some stage on Twitter :)
It would be great if Jen hits the Hag with a civil suit and the Dutch Police rock up to question her at the same time 
Mildred(Grouchy aka Martyrpope on Icke). Seems this guy is pulling some strings that make others dance
They are desperately trying to draw people into an argument which isn’t going to happen. Stand by your words Outlaw and don’t give them anymore airtime, cuts off their oxygen supply :)

Absolutely Mildred… This place will be the only place I will even discuss them now. None of them will ever see what is on here so they cannot feed off it.. 

This Forum is designed to be a safe haven for people to speak their minds without fear of being trolled or their words being used elsewhere.

Don’t underestimate her though Jane. She may be a thick bitch, but she has money to burn and she did not get that Huffington Post gig for nothing. There is something/someone behind her pulling strings and I think that Jen is not far off with her thoughts about it being Media-Related.

I still have the email that Lav sent to me when he wanted to sue Will Black and the Huff Post using Carter-Ruck.

They said they needed two grand up front before they would even consider it.

Janette may have that sort of Cash to burn, but Carter-Ruck would not go after me as I am skint and there is no profit in it for them…. Hag is just another scabby cash cow for him, nothing more.

The ever so lovely Jane Russell aka fake account to support itself. Probably a close family member of chimp.
Yeah, I know, hag has covered her arse slyly too in many ways. I think the super whacko act is also a safeguard –
it inspires people to think she’s just a net nutter, so if anyone starts looking too closely, they soon lose interest in watching her cobblers.
There is no way any of this is random meets that’s for sure, definitely media with a little help from ‘others’.

Hadn’t noticed before Jimmy what you said about Baloney (I’m on a “device”, and a pretty shit one at that).
A bit like Tweedledum twigging that Tweedledee isn’t all there, from where I’m standing! Or Bill & Ben! Got to give BBC a call – I see another series in this!

All snuggly buggly in there?
Nope, I have the feeling that it isn’t them writing it, or they are simply spreading disinfo, as not only are they pimping the Noodle, the Noodle article they have linked to was from Kaz Tiggr’s blog ‘Fighting Back’… Stinks to hell and back
Just popped over to Icke Savile thread.. It does appear to be running out of steam now at long last, just Arsecheeks still pimping out how the MP’s are gonna save us from those pesky Paedo’s…
IWTT is also phoning every MSM outlet too..

Check out the show on Sonia Poulton where Sonia interviews Scriptonite too if you get the chance Jane, I think it’s the third one in. I had a bit of a catch up last night and I really wish I hadn’t now as Sonia did not respond when Mendoza mentioned she was working with Tom Pride….

JR. If you turn the initials round you get RJ

Sounds like Babs will soon be public enemy number 1 if she keeps mentioning BE.
Does she not know she has to get a special permit just for mentioning that place?
Think everyones been calling her a #paedoprotector.
She might be needing ‘Daves’ number too if she’s not careful. 
Hope she’s read your fine articles on the subject. She might learn even more if she does.
I’ll have a catch up on Babs & will hit up the Outlaw comments if I have an questions 
I wonder if anyone will mention Peter Morrison today 

New member who’ll remain anonymous

I’ve been reading the outlaw blog for a while, I commented on a post over Christmas (along the lines of “don’t let the trolls get you down” and keep up the good work ie the posts) and today I see The Outlaw has a new forum so being the inquisitive fool I am I signed up maybe expecting to read more of the same but without the references to the ongoing battle (which I know little about) the outlaw has with twitter and co

Happy to prove I am who I am but I ain’t doing no dodgy initiation stuff, ok 


Fair enough mate.   The Outpost was set up as a place online which will remain free from the trolling and infantile cliqués that have built up.

Obviously it’s early days as this is a completely new forum, but the name and the web space is paid for and is not going anywhere soon.

I and others will be putting stuff on here that will not be available elsewhere, including the Outlaw, there are some trustworthy people on board who I will 100% vouch for. (Some, indeed)
You are welcome to read whatever is on here, post anything interesting, ask questions, whatever.
It will be like nothing else online if you are familiar with Forums, with no hierarchy or bullshit..
Give it a chance, you may get a lot from it.(or you may not as is the case lol)

A Denial of Service attack is normally carried out by a Botnet. A Botnet is a network home/office PCs and servers in remote locations on the internet which have been infected with a virus and have fallen under the control of a malicious group. These groups then rent time on this network to individuals or organisations who wish to carry out DDoS attacks.

The compromised machines will simply flood the target website with traffic which is often indistinguishable from normal visits until the server or network infrastructure is saturated, degrading service for normal visitors.

Why do people wish to carry out a DDoS attack?

Sometimes it’s to obtain a financial ransom; the attackers will contact the site they plan to attack and demand money. If the money is not paid, they attack the site and increase the ransom.

Sometimes it’s for moral/religious reasons; they object to the content of the website and wish to make it unavailable to visitors.

Sometimes there is no obvious reason, however this is rare since renting time on a botnet is relatively expensive.

Where the traffic is not interactive, the attacking PCs open connections without sending any traffic or simply flood the target IP with random bytes of data. Unless the website has a dedicated IP, it is impossible to determine the target.

Somewhere Only We know………………..pmsl

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