Now, I wasn’t actually going to give these trolls anymore print space… But then I thought, “fuck it”, I like to pour salt on the slugs back.

And of course, you have to question the sanity of anyone who would trust the judgement of a person, say like… Erm, well say like Jones for instance who had at one time declared himself as trusting me 100 percent… Only to now say that I’m untrustworthy.

Good judge of character then!

Especially so, when you consider that Dim Jim – or the boy Roy to be more precise – declared Darren Laverty his bestest, bestest friend ever, only for him to now openly denounce him as being a wrong un.

And don’t forget the way that he latched on to the lovely Danielle La Verity, only to now attack her… And Matt Taylor of course

So not really a very good judge of character at all then… Still, shhh, ignore that fact

After all, he is firmly on the side of those who have suffered child abuse… And to prove it, he labels all those who are in a position to get some justice for the victims as wrong uns, out to cause them harm… Yet what did my little monkey ever do to help those who suffered at the hands of perverts?

Apart from fuck all of course.

Oh yeah, he demanded proof that Jimmy Savile was a bad guy… Indeed, when none of the 3 people who comment on his Facebook page could supply the proof he demanded, he wrote a further status patting himself on the back for fighting the corner of one of the worst child abusers the country has ever known… A bit of a slap in the face for the thousands of victims who suffered as children at the hands of the sick cunt I would have thought – but that’s just me.


And to be fair, I have never been a victim of child sex abuse so defending an abuser to help the abused might be the norm… Then again, neither has Jackass Jim been the victim of abuse according to Darren Laverty.

Therefore, not quite the good guy that he makes out.

Still, whereas we all deal in made up facts… At least we do according to dwarf boy – Jim-Jim’s facts can be totally relied on to be true… Again, at least they can according to dwarf boy.

For instance, I am apparently receiving £15,000 pounds per month in donations… And Jobby Gobby Jimmy hates people who take donations… Except those he donates to that is, or at least those of us who he used to donate to, until he decided that we were wrong-uns.

So don’t expect to read anymore articles asking you to donate to those who deserve it… Like the article he wrote about me and Sonia Poulten.

Unfortunately though, he was wrong about the donations- or at least his thing was – so since I don’t get anywhere near £15,000 a month, it would seem that he thought it best to delete the evidence of the stated ‘fact’ ever been mentioned.

Mind you, he had been “reliably informed” that my Paypal account was about to be frozen… But since no one has even so much as contacted me to question my Paypal account, let alone freeze the fucking thing, he thought that he best delete any evidence of that fact too.

And then there was the conclusive evidence that him and the thing had gleefully told his ever diminishing small following about, which apparently proved that I was a computer expert, with my own IT firm and which I definitely run from my home in Manners Way… Along with my house clearance business of course.

But obviously that was only a case of Jimmy talking double speak, where fiction becomes fact… So he deleted that too… Along with the other cast iron ‘fact’ stating that I was an unregistered tattooist.

So yes indeed, you can certainly trust everything that Roy the short arsed boy says as being totally fact based… If you apply double speak of course.

And indeed, such is the integrity and respect afforded to him by his dwindling following, that when he threatens to show them an email that I sent him stating that I was going to “take down” David Icke and Brian Gerrish, they simply had to believe its true… And if I am not bloody well careful he will produce the evidence too… Although you have to question why he didn’t do that when he informed his sock puppets, fellow trolls and those banned from my site of the emails content.

Never the less, truth is double speak for lies so it must be true.

I mean, I am fucked if I can find any emails stating that I am going to take David Icke and Brian Gerrish down.

In fact, the closest that I can find to any emails containing such volatile information is this:


Yet it can’t be that one because it is him who is doing the war dance.

So then I thought that he might be talking about this next one, in which he is again slagging Mr Icke down, of whom I happened to mention that I had been sent some information about.

Yet as you can see in my response at the top as to whether or not I was going to use the info, I told him that I wasn’t (being as I had no interest then and no interest now in going to war with David Icke). I did of course add that he was welcome to use it, so I suppose that could be what he is squeaking on about.


Is it me or does he appear to be calling Sonia Poulton a wrong un too? Nah, couldn’t be. He would never be that two faced… Although, him and his thing did make a lot of noise about the old bill now having access to all of the info people had sent me.

Indeed, him, his thing and the silly old cunt who is barred from my site after ignoring repeated requests to stop talking like a cunt, made a proper big deal about me betraying confidences and indeed, he was adamant that everything people sent him was as safe as houses.

He also likes to hint that my 2nd arrest for the child porn has some mileage in it too… I wonder what gave him that idea?


I think that since the plod have had my computers for 3 months, it is safe to say that everyone who ever told me anything is pretty safe. Still fair do’s, you can’t fault Thumb Nail Roy’s integrity after reading that can you?

Yet the dwarf wasn’t finished with me yet:

jones aa

Very respectful indeed short arse… He really does think that he has a voice doesn’t he?

Never the less, I was more interested in finding this email where I stated that I was going to take Brian Gerrish and David Icke down.

After all, if the wee wee man said it, it must be true… Just like all his facts are… If you do double speak that is.

Anyway, I am not sure if he was referring to this email or not:


And then I realised that he couldn’t have been.

Course, Tom Thumb is a big fan of David Ickes. I know that for a fact – and not a Jimmy fact either.

After all, he wouldn’t write about how much he admired the fella if he didn’t would he:

When I met him, he was courteous, compassionate, knowledgable and he listened. We spoke at length for a few hours, and there was no front, no agenda and no bullshit. He met with me alone, no entourage, no cameras, no nauseating sycophants telling me where to sit or stand or speak. He was armed only with a notebook and pen, he drinks tea, he laughs at things that are funny and he is human!

Plus: he was as good as his word, as he proved later..

In my book, that ticks all the boxes, I do not suffer fools nor scam artists easily, I do not entertain personal agenda’s, political double-speak or nodding acceptance… That is why I like David Icke. Source

Unless of course, Mr Jones is a lying little backstabbing fake cunt with an agenda to get everyone in the Alternative Media bickering at each other.

After all, he did also write the following about the fella he admires so much, despite Darren Laverty categorically stating in his last video that Jones lied about meeting David Icke:

When Journalist & Broadcaster, Sonia Poulton walked out of ‘The People’s Voice’ in January 2014 she promised to put the record straight, offer an open and transparent explanation for her decision and demand the same from Mr Icke and his business associates.

by Alpaca Digital Media Productions. London . Wednesday, 25 June, 2014

Of course, the easy option would have been to capitalise on the situation and offer some sort of immediate and sensational exposure of Mr Icke and Co. but such impetuous actions could not have been productive. She would have been caught in the crossfire of allegations, counter allegations and disinformation, ultimately resulting in vital evidence evaporating behind a frenzied media smoke screen as the Icke faithful and those emotionally committed to his ethos rallied to his defence.

Time of course is a great leveller, and now, six months later, even the faithful are starting to question the wisdom and truthfulness of their Messiah.

Whilst the Icke faithful have been given time to see the virtual disintegration of the publically funded ‘The People’s Voice’, a few more enlightened stalwarts have been working tirelessly in the background to document the whole sorry story. Even the loyal are now starting to demand answers. Icke’s former fair-weather friends and business associates have started to distance themselves from the whole fiasco and possible allegations of wrongdoings, so much so that they are freely coming forward and offering their insight and evidence, with many prepared to go before the cameras and offer testimony. Source

Oi Jim, stay down ya little fake cunt or else I might really start on you.

Okay, where was I? Oh yes, I was talking about the bad press that I received and the fact that I wasn’t going to get my complaint investigated until after I had either been acquitted or convicted.

Whereas on the other hand, Cliffy boy has already had a full apology from the police just for them doing their job properly! Fucking madness.

Course, unlawful arrests seem to feature quite often with our police forces:

Essex Couple get £8,000 for Police Assault ‘

Three Essex Police Officers forced their way into Patrick and Allison O’Loughlin’s home, and claimed they had a right to enter. Justice Lord Buxton upheld the award of £8,000 for damages for false arrest, assault and false imprisonment to Mr.O’Loughlin as he sustained the assault defending his home. Justice Buxton said ‘ The police failed to prove they had the right to cross the threshold — if those officers go on to make a forced entry they are effectively trespassing, and home-owners may use force to evict them’ — The police were not happy with the result.

‘ Police Assault Victim gets £220,000 Payout ‘

Hairdresser Kenneth Shu sued the Met Police for assault and wrongful arrest. Police Officers attacked him when he refused to let them into his house. One cop said at the time ‘ I’ve never arrested a Chink before ‘ and was smiling all over his face.  The court heard how they verbally insulted Mr Shu and punched and kicked him as he lay on the floor of the police van.  The four day civil trial at the Central London County Court found in his favour and awarded him one of the biggest payouts.

‘ Met Cops pay £28,000 over illegal raid ‘

Ruby Imbert and her son, Colin received a police payout of £28,000 after being assaulted during a raid by cops that was unauthorised and illegal.  The settlement was arrived at after protracted legal negotiations it was said in the High Court. The court heard that no warrants had been issued in connection with their arrests when the police officers from West Ham burst into the house. Colin Imbert was compensated for malicious arrest and false imprisonment. Source

Indeed, the Essex Police Force will stop at nothing to cover up their crimes… I mean, just take a fucking look at how many Freedom of Information requests the bent fucks have refused to answer, especially in regard to sexual abuse:

Sexual abuse by Essex police

Response by Essex Police to Ann McNeil on 12 December 2013.



Response by Essex Police to Ashley Davis on 15 January 2014.



Click on the source link and you will be amazed at just how many FOI requests the Essex Plod have refused to answer… So much for openness then.

But do you know why they refused to answer?

It is because our police forces are made up of child molesters, thieves, fraudsters, violent racists, drug dealers, and murderers… Do you think that I am exaggerating?

Then take a look at the following screen shot.


Now continue to the source page for much, much more of the same, by clicking HERE

And then, perhaps afterwards you can tell me all about our just and fair society where our good guys are criminals and telling the truth will be the ruin of you… So you know what you have to do.

“Once a government is committed to the principle of silencing the voice of opposition, it has only one way to go, and that is down the path of increasingly repressive measures, until it becomes a source of terror to all its citizens and creates a country where everyone lives in fear.” – Harry S Truman

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