It has been a while since I have even looked at what Royden James Jones aka wait for it YES another new name @outlawjimmycom has been up to

it would appear nothing ever changes he is still up to his eyes in shit, albeit his own shit it cannot be very comfortable.

What this simple little man fails to understand is he is digging himself an even deeper hole, one which he will never be able to get out of.

I see that Chris Spivey paid quite a lot of attention to Jones which can be found HERE in my eyes this is just more material for Jones to wank over, he just loves to see his name in print,  he is then able to tell his children (as they are the only ones left who perhaps still believe his crap)  “look kids, the wrong uns (as he calls them) are getting really scared of me, because I know something that can have the lot of them put away for a very long time” what does he know? FUCK ALL.  As Spivey so rightly says, Jones doesn’t even write the stupid material on his blag, he either gets someone else to write some crap or he just takes someone else’s work and changes a few words.

I see that Jan is even stupid enough to be dedicating time to him, even to the point of offering a reward for the name of JANE RUSSELL well Jan, keep your money, Jane is a figment of Jones imagination she once tried to put comment here on this blog but forgot to go undercover.  She and Jones are one and the same person.


  1. Jimmy Jones will never change and that is an true fact.
    He surrounds himself with trolls like Jane Russell and Susan Melrose and picks his targets which is normally people who have been abused in the care system.
    He states that he was abused in care and then tells others he was never abused.
    It is really clear that this guy is an liar out to cause trouble.
    He sets up new web pages all the time and goes on an hate spree and uses Twitter to do so.
    I have had many people complain to me that they have received abuse from these trolls.
    This idiot even claims to be able to find peoples addresses just by their IP address.
    These IP tracing software are never correct.
    Old Jane Russell referred to me as part of the Uckfield clan from Surrey.
    Anyone with an brain would know Uckfield is in fact in East Sussex.
    There was an time where Susan Melrose use to ring me up all the time and this was before I knew they were trolls and use to praise Jimbo Jones of all the work he does for victims.
    She use to always ring me up drunk all the time.
    I feel really sorry for all those who had to put up with the crap they have dished out over the years.
    A couple of years back Jimbo Jones was arrested and lost his computers to the police because of his trolling.
    He was bailed with bail conditions in which he was not allowed to use an computer but he ignored his bail conditions and carried on his cowardly hate spree towards his victims.
    I would love to put him in a room with his victims but there is an law that even protects trolls like him.
    He has attacked many sites but for some reason will not attack my site.
    Jimbo Jones claims to be an survivor of abuse but then if this was the case then he would know that there is a line an survivor of abuse does not cross.

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