A memorable moment for this blog, as it is now able to report that the serial-abuser, and main subject of this blog, has been arrested and charged under Section 127 (1) of the Communications Act, 2003.
Mr Jones has already changed parts of his thinly-veiled front for a hate-blog, and has removed entire sections.
These changes happened straight after Jones’s blog was ‘apparently’ attacked via DDoS and taken down by nasty hackers.
This of course, is a pure stream of codswallop.
Apart from the fact that this lie was circulated very shortly after Jones was arrested, no one gives that much of a crap if the blog is taken down or not.
No, really.
As it stands, even with the recent ‘changes’, the Outlaw blog stands as a memorial to Jones’s single-minded and constant attacks on survivors, and other people involved in the debate surrounding child sexual abuse. If anyone were in any doubt as to the main thrust of his blog, or the raison d’être of Jones himself, they need only explore the comments of said blog.
The reader will fully realise the bias, as soon as they attempt to themselves make a fair comment; by all accounts, the comment will be changed, or otherwise have its original purpose perverted – that’s if the comment is allowed through, at all.
At the end of the day, Jones’s blog is a very dim cave, with festoons of character assassination the only things punctuating the feverish atmosphere there. It shows his real side, if the reader cares to delve just below the façade of psycho-babble and pseudo-science.
The blog, while it stands, will never do Jones any good, and will only ever be a millstone around his neck – a hatchet-job that he botched. It was meant to lend weight to his outlandish assertions, and to bully and abuse individuals – and now it is an embarrassment even to him.
In fact, any blog that attempts to maintain, or otherwise spread, any assertions made by the ‘outlaw’ blog as regards allegations made against imagined enemies, is also tarred with the same brush.

Which brings us to Sonia Poulton. It has long been known that she is an ardent supporter of Jones. This much is well-documented – in particular, from Sonia’s own mouth, as it were.
Strangely, Mz Poulton has disappeared from twitter.
A statement was left floating behind, to the effect that she is ‘doing vewy important fings’, and needs to spend time getting a ‘massive McCann story’ together for publication in the near future.
Indeed, we were left with the impression that this promised article was being edited together at the very moment Sonia was doing a very hasty bunk.
All bollocks.
Sonia is heavily involved with the antics of Jones, and she knows that if he gets pulled, she probably will do too.
She’s keeping her head down, simple as that.
End of.
Even more so, Sonia’s known and proven association with the editorial/control of the hate-blog called Troll Patrol has exposed her terribly to any police investigations as regards Jones, if truth be told.
It shows she has the capacity to deliberately target individuals for the purpose of direct abuse, often using information only circulated by Jones.

Nevertheless, Sonia has a another close associate called Mr Haydon. Mr Haydon has worked for Sonia, and has been ‘contributing’ to online debates ranging from CSA, to the Hillsborough Stadium disaster.
I say ‘contributing’, but I actually mean abusive stalking and trolling. It seems it’s all the same difference to Haydon.

For some 3 years, Haydon has ‘attached’ himself to the self-made uber-troll,Old Holborn.
Whether this is a in a parasitical capacity, or whether the association is ‘mutually beneficial’ remains to be seen, but it seems Haydon has benefitted greatly from this ‘latching-on’ – indeed, so has Old Holborn.

This is just ONE thread of stalking and abuse to be found among individuals associated with Jones, there are many many more individuals not named here.
As we can see, there is a lot at stake. A lot of threads.
There are a lot of variables, which can be thought of as dominoes ready to topple.
Any one of them, if felled, could pull down many others – maybe all of them will fall in a big whoosh, with one or two teetering on the brink for a while.

It is this blog’s opinion, that it is advisable to buy popcorn in bulk, and watch this diabolical string of abuses unfold over the next few months.
Dozens of people victimised by Jones, et al, will be doing precisely that.
It is hoped that the recent charging of Jones, will lead to a successful prosecution; it is further hoped, that others will step forward, and report to the authorities their own experiences at the hands of Jones.

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