Christopher John Hobby aka Kris Manalien rides again and again part 2

Not only did Christopher groom JS to attack Robin Cracknell he also groomed her to attack Sonia Poulton, who he seemed at the time, to be obsessed with,  I wonder why? could it have anything to do with these texts sent to Christopher John Hobby aka Kris Manalien? Which by the way he published himself on his twitter account


or maybe these emails  and private messages which were also posted on Christophers Twitter timeline

So was this the reason Christopher and Robert were grooming JS to sue and shame Ms Poulton? and if so WHY, what did they hope to benefit in all of this? Remember that negative negative press attention is still attention!


[01/11/13 11:08:02] Janette Scharenborg: 13th december in hospital

[01/11/13 11:08:15] Rob Morey: out for christmas

[01/11/13 11:08:18] Janette Scharenborg: friday the 13

[01/11/13 11:08:24] Janette Scharenborg: yes only 3 days

[01/11/13 11:08:29] Janette Scharenborg: or 2

[01/11/13 11:08:53] Janette Scharenborg: and I don’t like the 13th

[01/11/13 11:08:59] Janette Scharenborg: not for me, but for others

[01/11/13 11:09:02] Janette Scharenborg: having a bad day

[01/11/13 11:09:37] Rob Morey: would you like to be on the alan titchmarsh show telling your story

[01/11/13 11:09:50] Janette Scharenborg: story about what

[01/11/13 11:09:55] Janette Scharenborg: my illness

[01/11/13 11:09:59] Rob Morey: the abuse by paulton and her gang

[01/11/13 11:10:02] Janette Scharenborg: no

[01/11/13 11:10:09] Rob Morey: they are advertising for stories

[01/11/13 11:10:21] Janette Scharenborg: have enough on my plate

[01/11/13 11:10:28] Rob Morey: as she is on his show once a week it could put a spanner in the works for her

[01/11/13 11:10:34] Janette Scharenborg: she’s not communicating with them any more

[01/11/13 11:10:48] Janette Scharenborg: doesnt interest me, I believe in karma

01/11/13 11:10:56] Rob Morey: you have to give karma a kick sometimes\

[01/11/13 11:11:24] Janette Scharenborg: I don’t work like that xxx

[01/11/13 11:11:44] Rob Morey: shall i email them

[01/11/13 11:12:08] Janette Scharenborg: no, because they would want to speak with me

[01/11/13 11:12:19] Rob Morey:

[01/11/13 11:13:04] Rob Morey: i can just see you there arguing the ding dong with poulton

[01/11/13 11:13:46] Janette Scharenborg: no, I never stand in the foreground

[01/11/13 11:13:47] Rob Morey: you could pretend she is Richard

[01/11/13 11:13:57] Rob Morey: vent your spleen

[01/11/13 11:13:58] Janette Scharenborg: sent a file karma 2.jpg to this group

[01/11/13 11:14:20] Janette Scharenborg: you go and do it, about bullies

[01/11/13 11:14:33] Janette Scharenborg: making it illegal

[01/11/13 11:14:45] Rob Morey: i will if you will

[01/11/13 11:15:00] Janette Scharenborg: no not interested

[01/11/13 11:15:10] Janette Scharenborg: got far too much on my plate

[01/11/13 11:15:15] Rob Morey: i thought you liked to share the interests of your firneds

[01/11/13 11:15:19] Rob Morey: friends*

[01/11/13 11:15:33] Janette Scharenborg: not when it puts me in the firing line

[01/11/13 11:15:43] Rob Morey: she would be the one in the firing line

[01/11/13 11:15:51] Janette Scharenborg: phone


[06/11/13 07:43:11] Rob Morey: Lee Robert

hi chris, do you like sonia poulton ?


8/20, 7:51am

Chris Spivey

I have no feelings to her either way mate

[06/11/13 07:43:52] Rob Morey: Lee Robert

she has destroyed my friend in holland who is a csa campaigner

you can see what she has done in comments towards the bottom here

five days ago Janette, Poulton’s victim tried to commit suicide, she facetimed me in the process and i recorded it on video

she was about to swallow 150 of her husbands heart pills she had dilluted in water

poulton and her twitter troll gang have been destroyong Janette for many months


8/20, 7:54am

Lee Robert

after nearly finishing her off, on the day of her attempted suicide, they set this up about her husband


Dick Scharenborg (scabbydick) on Twitter

The latest from Dick Scharenborg (@scabbydick).


8/20, 7:55am

Lee Robert

they removed is pic this morning, it is now the usual egg

[06/11/13 07:44:34] Rob Morey: that is all the conversation there was, he did not reply any further

[06/11/13 07:45:24] Janette Scharenborg: If you post that convo to word, then cut out your name

[06/11/13 07:45:51] Rob Morey: if you want, i will do a full colour screenshot and redact my name and icon

[06/11/13 07:46:11] Janette Scharenborg: Yes please

[06/11/13 07:46:32] Rob Morey: gimme 5 babe

[06/11/13 07:46:56] Janette Scharenborg: You should read time lines from monad yesterday evening

[06/11/13 07:48:44] Janette Scharenborg: i sent him loads of emails from sue to use as he saw fit, also sent them to a couple of others who are victims of JJ

[06/11/13 07:52:10] Rob Morey: sent a file ChrisSpivey.jpg to this group


[07/11/13 17:10:19] Rob Morey: Dimbo Jimbo dear fellow. Do not argue with a legal mind. These are all excuses matey !

Janette is not Alfie. Janette at no time published those emails in the public domain !

It is not Janette that intends sueing you, it is yet another of your victims !

The Kevin Green blog does not belong to Janette. For your information, the owner of that blog is a reporter for Reporters without barriers ! have no mistake about that, and ‘HE’ gave the log in codes to all of your victims !


No, you have miserably failed to prove Jan is anything you allege she is. In a court of law you would have to prove such claims !   Did you know that if you publish a link to a proven libelous article, that you yourself then become guilty of publishing that libel ! same applies in this legal situation you have now landed yourself in Matey. You published this private and personal correspondence, what is more you failed to publish what came after that completely knocks your claims into thin air. Janette has never had any intention of publishing a blog of lies about you, it is not her style. See these manhole covers Matey pick whatever one you want, for many of your unwitting victims are holding them for when you publicly and virtually fall into the manhole so they can put the cover where it belongs, over the manhole.

[07/11/13 17:12:01] Janette Scharenborg: brilliant, bloody brilliant

[07/11/13 17:12:16] Janette Scharenborg: he will probably say your either Monad or Paul now

[07/11/13 17:12:16] Rob Morey: (bow)

[07/11/13 17:12:30] Janette Scharenborg: 5 minutes then I have to get in the car

[07/11/13 17:12:35] Rob Morey: ok

[07/11/13 17:12:43] Rob Morey: you drive safely nowe

[07/11/13 17:12:54] Janette Scharenborg: I will its only 10 minutes away

[07/11/13 17:14:01] Rob Morey: it was not me, i swear it your honour

[07/11/13 17:16:59] Janette Scharenborg: now on the way out

[07/11/13 17:17:00] Janette Scharenborg: love you

[07/11/13 17:17:05] Janette Scharenborg: will ring when I get back

[07/11/13 17:17:06] Janette Scharenborg: xxxx

[07/11/13 17:17:29] Rob Morey: ok

[07/11/13 17:59:17] Rob Morey: sent a file jimbo.tiff to this group

[07/11/13 18:00:58] Rob Morey: sent a file jimbo2.tiff to this group

[07/11/13 18:01:01] Rob Morey: He published that on twitter, yet look at the same comment on his blog in the next tiff

[07/11/13 18:31:24] Rob Morey: you were right, he is saying Adrian published those comments

[07/11/13 18:31:38] Rob Morey: but he has taken them all down now, perhaps he is unsure and a little worried

[07/11/13 19:05:27] Janette Scharenborg: Im back

[07/11/13 19:08:02] Rob Morey: hi, dinner in five

[07/11/13 19:08:08] Rob Morey: have a good dip

[07/11/13 19:08:52] Janette Scharenborg: really hard work

[08/11/13 08:19:25] Janette Scharenborg: I know all about last night, they attacked Monad something terrible

[08/11/13 08:19:44] Rob Morey: this is the cache of loathsome creatures

[08/11/13 08:20:12] Janette Scharenborg: haven’t got protection running yet so won’t open his blog

[08/11/13 08:20:22] Rob Morey: ok

[08/11/13 08:20:40] Janette Scharenborg: I sent screen shots of your comments to monad and asked him to tweet them

[08/11/13 08:20:50] Janette Scharenborg: he did and they really went to town on him

[08/11/13 08:21:03] Janette Scharenborg: I felt so guilty and responsible

[08/11/13 08:21:15] Janette Scharenborg: so I sent Monad this email

[08/11/13 08:22:10] Janette Scharenborg: J Scharenborg <>

00:43 (8 uur geleden)


aan adeybob

Im so sorry, I didnt think you would get the blame for those comments, please tweet this, proving it was sent to you

Screen Shot 2013-11-08 at 00.41.20.png Screen Shot 2013-11-08 at 00.41.20.png

29 kB   Weergeven   Delen   Downloaden

[08/11/13 08:22:15] Rob Morey: but what lead to outlaw protecting his account

[08/11/13 08:22:35] Rob Morey: the comments were innocuous jan

[08/11/13 08:22:57] Rob Morey: I am not going to get dragged into this am I, I will not cope

[08/11/13 08:23:06] Janette Scharenborg: no honestly not

[08/11/13 08:23:17] Rob Morey: what if monad asks you where you got them from

[08/11/13 08:23:29] Janette Scharenborg: I wouldn’t tell him

[08/11/13 08:23:38] Rob Morey: they are not criminal comments

[08/11/13 08:23:40] Janette Scharenborg: just said its someone who also got burnt by JJ

[08/11/13 08:46:45] Rob Morey: those are not the poulton conversation thanking him for his input into TPV

[08/11/13 08:47:06] Janette Scharenborg: no they are JJs last tweets

[08/11/13 08:47:24] Rob Morey: did you keep the poulton conversation is what i asked

[08/11/13 08:48:38] Rob Morey: not on poulton’s timeline anymore, can you do one of your searches on the various historic twitter sites you visit that have conversations before going protected

[08/11/13 08:48:41] Rob Morey: they should still be there

[08/11/13 08:49:03] Janette Scharenborg: Ok

[08/11/13 08:49:09] Rob Morey: thanks Jan

[08/11/13 08:51:00] Janette Scharenborg:

[08/11/13 08:51:17] Rob Morey: wonderful

[08/11/13 08:51:26] Rob Morey: I am going to send it to Peter Tatchell, ok


09/11/13 10:18:25] Janette Scharenborg: how can I leave a comment without them finding out who I am

[09/11/13 10:18:33] Rob Morey: set up another account

[09/11/13 10:18:35] Janette Scharenborg: they found out because of me being misty

[09/11/13 10:18:39] Janette Scharenborg: where?

[09/11/13 10:18:46] Rob Morey: anywhere

[09/11/13 10:19:01] Rob Morey: when you post a comment you get a choice of different systems

[09/11/13 10:19:14] Rob Morey: set one up just to leave comments on my blog

[09/11/13 10:19:31] Janette Scharenborg: a word press you mean

[09/11/13 10:19:39] Rob Morey: anything,

[09/11/13 10:19:59] Rob Morey: you can set up another email address, different name, and set up another wordpress blog just to publish comments in another name

[09/11/13 10:20:12] Janette Scharenborg: can’t you sign in anonymously

[09/11/13 10:20:20] Rob Morey: try

[09/11/13 10:20:30] Janette Scharenborg: caus with all this shit with JJ, I don’t won’t to do that

[09/11/13 10:20:40] Janette Scharenborg: Ive never done it, and don’t want to start

[09/11/13 10:20:57] Janette Scharenborg: only have one wordpress, one twitter and one email

[09/11/13 10:21:04] Rob Morey: but i did those comments for you

[09/11/13 10:21:21] Janette Scharenborg: then I’ll put them in my own wordpress, and they’ve got me again

[09/11/13 10:21:33] Rob Morey: it is not a criminal act Jan

[09/11/13 10:21:57] Janette Scharenborg: no but if they can prove I do this, they can say I did it to attack JJ

[09/11/13 10:22:02] Janette Scharenborg: you taught me that

[09/11/13 10:22:19] Rob Morey: that is rubbish jan

[09/11/13 10:22:33] Rob Morey: who would want to prove such a thing

[09/11/13 10:22:45] Janette Scharenborg: go see if there is a way to do anonymous comments

[09/11/13 10:23:00] Rob Morey: in your chat with chris yesterday you were going on about you and he would be wicked if you were a team

[09/11/13 10:23:29] Janette Scharenborg: that last sentence I don’t understand

[09/11/13 10:23:38] Rob Morey: there is no anonymous facility, aim, wordpress, live journal, open Id

[09/11/13 10:24:02] Rob Morey: don’t you remember your chat with chris about what is going on with jj

[09/11/13 10:24:14] Janette Scharenborg: then why don’t you place a couple of of false comments on it, just like JJ does

[09/11/13 10:24:24] Rob Morey: just forget it jan.

[09/11/13 10:24:33] Janette Scharenborg: I said I don’t understand that last sentence (written sentence)

[09/11/13 10:24:45] Rob Morey: the difference is we do not do like jj either and leave comments in support of ourselves

[09/11/13 10:25:05] Rob Morey: and i am not asking you to leave a false comment

[09/11/13 10:25:08] Janette Scharenborg: and I don’t make false accounts like he does

[09/11/13 10:25:19] Janette Scharenborg: no I know

[09/11/13 10:25:25] Rob Morey: i am not even asking you to make a false account jan

[09/11/13 10:25:36] Janette Scharenborg: then I shall leave a comment in my own name

[09/11/13 10:25:43] Janette Scharenborg: that I will do

[09/11/13 10:26:05] Rob Morey: do not bother jan because collier bristow will know it is you supporting us as they had an email from you

[09/11/13 10:26:48] Rob Morey: forget i asked

[09/11/13 10:26:50] Janette Scharenborg: I don’t see anything wrong in that Rob, they already know I support you

[09/11/13 10:28:19] Rob Morey: it does not mattedr jan, forget it.

[09/11/13 10:28:22] Janette Scharenborg: ok

[09/11/13 10:28:45] Janette Scharenborg: off to take a shower then do the shopping

[09/11/13 10:28:49] Janette Scharenborg: see you later

[09/11/13 10:28:51] Janette Scharenborg: xxxx

[09/11/13 10:29:02] Rob Morey: i feel like i have asked you to rob a bank or something criminal

[09/11/13 10:30:27] Janette Scharenborg: as you said forget it xxx

[12/11/13 14:31:46] Rob Morey:

[12/11/13 14:32:37] Janette Scharenborg: bet he won’t like that

[12/11/13 14:32:43] Rob Morey: this is going to drive jj round the bend

[12/11/13 14:32:50] Janette Scharenborg: and we can find his family now

[12/11/13 14:33:00] Rob Morey: a taste of the medicine he likes to dish out

[12/11/13 14:33:09] Janette Scharenborg: he was always going on about the mines

[12/11/13 14:33:12] Rob Morey: do you know who published it ?

[12/11/13 14:33:20] Janette Scharenborg: no idea

[12/11/13 14:33:25] Janette Scharenborg: one of 3 people

[12/11/13 14:33:42] Janette Scharenborg: I heard they had the blog back

[12/11/13 14:33:55] Rob Morey: courtesy of graham williams it says

[12/11/13 14:34:15] Janette Scharenborg: then he’s a stupid fool for putting his real name in

[12/11/13 14:34:23] Rob Morey: who is he

[15/11/13 09:35:10] Janette Scharenborg: On my way home xxx

[15/11/13 09:35:26] Janette Scharenborg: Will look at links then

[15/11/13 09:35:52] Janette Scharenborg: Otherwise costs me mb s

[15/11/13 09:51:17] Rob Morey: it would appear that JJ is a hacker, look at this result Eagle Eye 1 Forum – Sony VAIO › Computer brands

Go to first unread post Are there any hacking tools useful for breaking the lock of sony vaio 8GB pendrive. … 10-30-2012 08:29 AM Last Post: Renegade1904.

[15/11/13 09:52:04] Rob Morey: Page 2 of comments on 1 minute of Labour – YouTube…page=2

in reply to Renegade1904 (Show the comment). Remove; Report profile image …… reveal / hack password for any web based email! cheap services! visit us at:.

[15/11/13 12:32:32] Rob Morey: (bandit)

[15/11/13 13:59:52] Rob Morey: have to go out for an hour, hope to catch you later. Keep happy and safe because we LOVE U (heart) (heart)

[15/11/13 15:32:57] Rob Morey: (bandit) (heart) (bandit)

[16/11/13 10:29:13] Janette Scharenborg: anyway off to make some tea

[16/11/13 10:29:14] Rob Morey: sent the blog link to her too

[16/11/13 10:29:17] Rob Morey: k

[16/11/13 11:56:22] Rob Morey: you must have drunk at least 2 gallons of tea by now

[16/11/13 11:58:08] Rob Morey: 😀

[16/11/13 11:58:54] Janette Scharenborg: someone has been putting the text messages sent to me from poulton all over the net

[16/11/13 11:59:02] Janette Scharenborg: it has to be JJ and his gang

[16/11/13 11:59:08] Janette Scharenborg: Im trying to get them all removed

[16/11/13 11:59:27] Janette Scharenborg: written to tom pride asking him to remove them from his blogs

[16/11/13 11:59:42] Janette Scharenborg: they were also sent to the kev blog

[16/11/13 11:59:53] Janette Scharenborg: JJ is very crafty

[16/11/13 12:00:13] Janette Scharenborg: he knows by doing this I couldn’t use them in a court of law, if necessary that is

[16/11/13 12:00:44] Janette Scharenborg: fuming mad here


[16/11/13 12:00:53] Rob Morey: do you have any intention of using them in a court of law

[16/11/13 12:01:02] Janette Scharenborg: if it comes to that yes

[16/11/13 12:01:08] Janette Scharenborg: JJ will be going to court

[16/11/13 12:01:19] Rob Morey: as you did not post them, you can use them still

[16/11/13 12:01:19] Janette Scharenborg: its just more proof of what he has done to me

[16/11/13 12:01:34] Janette Scharenborg: I just want them down

[16/11/13 12:01:37] Rob Morey: who is taking him to court

[16/11/13 12:01:52] Janette Scharenborg: Im not like that, and JJ will say Im the one who posted them on the blogs

[16/11/13 12:02:01] Rob Morey: do not forget Jan, you originally wanted them posted

[16/11/13 12:02:34] Rob Morey: no that we would ever tell anyone

[16/11/13 12:02:34] Janette Scharenborg: I sent them to you, and yes you put them on that blog you later took down, but too late, they had already copied them

[16/11/13 12:02:47] Rob Morey: you asked for them to be published Jan

[16/11/13 12:03:11] Janette Scharenborg: I don’t deny that, but it was a blog about me, these are been posted on blogs nothing to do with me

[16/11/13 12:03:20] Janette Scharenborg: they are even on the david icke forum

[16/11/13 12:03:28] Rob Morey: that is the danger of publishing anything in the public domain

[16/11/13 12:03:33] Janette Scharenborg: as if I didn’t have enough on my plate at the moment

[16/11/13 12:03:49] Rob Morey: why worry Jan, it is good exposure for what poulton illegally did to you

[16/11/13 12:04:12] Janette Scharenborg: I worry because I will get the blame for doing it, and I didn’t do it

[16/11/13 12:04:20] Rob Morey: you could solve your company financial problems with a successful libel case against her, you would win beyond doubt

[16/11/13 12:04:42] Janette Scharenborg: I don’t want money from her or anyone

[16/11/13 12:04:52] Janette Scharenborg: my money has to be hard earned otherwise I don’t want it

[16/11/13 12:05:00] Rob Morey: it would be hard earned

[16/11/13 12:05:12] Janette Scharenborg: its not my style

[16/11/13 12:05:19] Janette Scharenborg: and I won’t go down that road

[16/11/13 12:05:31] Janette Scharenborg: against my principles and morals

[16/11/13 12:05:51] Janette Scharenborg: I believe that Poulton was caught up in JJs lies

[16/11/13 12:06:02] Janette Scharenborg: he is the one that told her I had a vendetta against her

[16/11/13 12:06:11] Janette Scharenborg: she believed him, as many others do

[16/11/13 12:06:24] Janette Scharenborg: I can’t blame her for that

[16/11/13 12:06:47] Janette Scharenborg: the same as I can’t blame Sue Perry for changing sides, she is terrified of JJ

[16/11/13 12:07:13] Janette Scharenborg: as they say better the devil you know than the devil you don’t know

[16/11/13 12:08:59] Janette Scharenborg: anyway back to the drawing board

[16/11/13 12:09:21] Janette Scharenborg: had better things to do today

[16/11/13 12:11:47] Rob Morey: same here, making virtual christmas cards, making chocolates

[16/11/13 12:12:00] Rob Morey: enjoy your day, and i will remind you of this

[16/11/13 12:12:24] Rob Morey: you do not care what people say about you, so stop worrying about things you cannot possibly control, you will chase your tail for years

[16/11/13 12:13:04] Janette Scharenborg: I don’t give a damn what people say about me, but I do object to people putting my private things online

[16/11/13 12:13:23] Rob Morey: Jan, you released them willingly, what do you exect

[16/11/13 12:13:29] Rob Morey: expect*

[16/11/13 12:13:41] Janette Scharenborg: same as the photo JJ uses of me, that was taken from my computer when it was hacked

[16/11/13 12:13:51] Janette Scharenborg: from an email sent to me by karin

[16/11/13 12:14:02] Janette Scharenborg: its nowhere on the www it was taken from my computer

[16/11/13 12:14:12] Janette Scharenborg: not given permission for that to be released

[16/11/13 12:14:18] Rob Morey: well, i sent you evidence that JJ likes hacking yesterday

[16/11/13 12:14:32] Janette Scharenborg: I know that, and spivey is in it up to his eye balls

[16/11/13 12:14:39] Rob Morey: for sure

[16/11/13 12:14:42] Janette Scharenborg: probably helps him do it

[16/11/13 12:14:49] Rob Morey: no doubt

[16/11/13 12:14:51] Janette Scharenborg: Im so angry Rob

[16/11/13 12:15:00] Janette Scharenborg: and so so stupid

[16/11/13 12:15:12] Rob Morey: we both know how you are feeling Jan, been there, done that, printed the t shirts

[16/11/13 12:15:34] Janette Scharenborg: Have to go, richard is going on his holidays tomorrow

[16/11/13 12:15:43] Janette Scharenborg: have to get things sorted for him

[16/11/13 12:15:56] Janette Scharenborg: medicine, and things like that

[16/11/13 12:15:58] Rob Morey: but you see our example, attack back with the truth and evidence of it, none of our abusers now attack back out of fear, but as you say it is not your style, perhaps you need to change your style to accomplish your desires

[16/11/13 12:16:26] Rob Morey: jesus did not say turn the other cheek

[16/11/13 12:16:40] Rob Morey: he said turn the other cheek so your enemies can slap that one too

[16/11/13 12:16:43] Janette Scharenborg: I except it works for you, and respect what you do, but I couldn’t do anything like it, not in me

[16/11/13 12:16:58] Rob Morey: no one is going to do it for you Jan

[16/11/13 12:17:00] Janette Scharenborg: this has nothing to do with Jesus, it has to do with me

[16/11/13 12:17:07] Rob Morey: but you follow Jesus

[16/11/13 12:17:20] Janette Scharenborg: no in that way

[16/11/13 12:17:34] Rob Morey: we do

[16/11/13 12:17:34] Janette Scharenborg: I don’t do anything I don’t feel comfortable with

[16/11/13 12:17:50] Janette Scharenborg: it goes against the grain

[16/11/13 12:17:54] Janette Scharenborg: and its not for me

[16/11/13 12:18:13] Rob Morey: then it will not stop Jan, just making an example of one of them will stop all

[16/11/13 12:18:26] Janette Scharenborg: we shall see Rob

[16/11/13 12:18:32] Rob Morey: indeed we shall

[16/11/13 12:18:34] Janette Scharenborg: I know JJ is going to be charged

[16/11/13 12:18:37] Rob Morey: Que Sera Sera

[16/11/13 12:18:41] Janette Scharenborg: he’s the ring leader in all of this

[16/11/13 12:18:43] Rob Morey: how do you know

[16/11/13 12:18:47] Janette Scharenborg: he stops it all stops

[16/11/13 12:18:56] Janette Scharenborg: because it started with him

[16/11/13 12:19:06] Rob Morey: then you do not know

[16/11/13 12:19:15] Janette Scharenborg: I will take my chances

[16/11/13 12:19:25] Janette Scharenborg: I know when he is stopped it will all stop

[16/11/13 12:19:44] Rob Morey: because of all the in fighting it is unlikely he will be charged, cautioned perhaps, but so will the retaliators

[16/11/13 12:19:53] Janette Scharenborg: the only people he talks with are himself

[16/11/13 12:20:08] Janette Scharenborg: once again we shall see

[16/11/13 12:20:24] Janette Scharenborg: I know something Im not at liberty to say, and he is going to be charged on that

[16/11/13 12:20:37] Janette Scharenborg: which has nothing to do with me

[16/11/13 12:20:41] Rob Morey: you see Jan, that blog about his family, taken down and put up again yesterday

[16/11/13 12:20:55] Rob Morey: then you do not trust us entirely

[16/11/13 12:20:59] Janette Scharenborg: Not my problem Rob

[16/11/13 12:21:28] Janette Scharenborg: I had nothing to do with that blog about his family

[16/11/13 12:21:33] Janette Scharenborg: nothing what so ever

[16/11/13 12:21:35] Rob Morey: i know

[16/11/13 12:21:47] Janette Scharenborg: so why do you say I don’t trust you entirely

[16/11/13 12:22:05] Rob Morey: because you will not tell me how you know he is going to be charged with something

[16/11/13 12:22:14] Janette Scharenborg: its not my place to tell you

[16/11/13 12:22:23] Janette Scharenborg: its not my fight but someone elses

[16/11/13 12:22:32] Janette Scharenborg: and I don’t know the ins and outs

[16/11/13 12:22:39] Rob Morey: surely it was not that someone elses place to tell you either

[16/11/13 12:26:57] Janette Scharenborg: JJ has caused enough rows and hate, don’t let him come between us please

[16/11/13 12:27:04] Janette Scharenborg: I have far too much on my plate right now

[16/11/13 12:27:08] Janette Scharenborg: and don’t need this

[16/11/13 12:27:38] Janette Scharenborg: the kev blog has nothing to do with me, even the name has been changed

[16/11/13 12:27:42] Janette Scharenborg: which was my idea

[16/11/13 12:27:55] Janette Scharenborg: that I admit to, the rest is none of my doing

[16/11/13 12:28:04] Janette Scharenborg: and I swear that by almighty God

[16/11/13 12:28:11] Janette Scharenborg: what others do is up to them

[16/11/13 12:28:20] Janette Scharenborg: on their heads, and concience

[16/11/13 12:28:49] Janette Scharenborg: Now off to do the things I have to, chat later

[16/11/13 12:28:50] Janette Scharenborg: xxxxx

[16/11/13 12:38:30] Rob Morey: we have no intention of letting ANYONE come between us Jan (heart) (heart) . One cannot suitably convey emotion in virtual chat Jan, do not misinterpret my chat as being against you, neither of us are

[16/11/13 12:38:32] Rob Morey: however

[16/11/13 12:38:52] Rob Morey: look at our blog, nearly 5000 reads, not one comment, why, because it is the truth with evidence

[16/11/13 12:44:57] Rob Morey: Call To Obedience – On Confronting Evil – Reimar Schultze

The Holy Spirit wants you to confront evil. Before you can have a ministry, evil has to be dealt with. Many Christians lose out early in the Christian life because, …

[16/11/13 12:45:07] Rob Morey: Confront Evil

Evil will prevail and Satan will win if we do not confront evil. Every day I see good Christians and persons of other faiths watching as their bosses, family …

[16/11/13 12:45:23] Rob Morey: Examine Yourselves: A Christian Confronting Evil

15 Sep 2011 – A Christian Confronting Evil. “All it takes for evil to triumph in the world is for good men to do nothing.” Edmond Burke. Many people are familiar …

[16/11/13 12:45:48] Rob Morey: Do You Confront Evil Or Do You Tolerate It? – › Literature › Online Literature

“Do you mean Christians?” Yes. The problem … That is why you must confront evil. You have to … Why don’t you believe Him, when it comes to confronting evil?

[16/11/13 12:45:59] Rob Morey: Called Out, Part Two: Confronting Evil | georgia preach…/called-out-part-two-confronting-evil/

29 Jan 2012 – During times of challenge and controversy, we are called out by God to stand with Christ and confront evil with the bold and unwavering truth of …

[16/11/13 12:46:17] Rob Morey: nuff said

[16/11/13 12:51:14] Rob Morey:

[16/11/13 12:52:45] Rob Morey: Jan, we told you right from the start, we are not the type of friends that will agree with everything

[16/11/13 12:52:57] Rob Morey: a good friend challenges you to examine yourself

[16/11/13 12:53:06] Rob Morey: you agreed you liked that

[16/11/13 12:53:27] Rob Morey: so, please, never think just because either of us may not agree with you on some things that we are against you

[16/11/13 13:01:48] Rob Morey: That is simply not the case.


[16/11/13 14:13:05] Rob Morey: sent a file CIMG4881.JPG to this group

[16/11/13 14:13:21] Rob Morey: sent a file CIMG4882.JPG to this group

[16/11/13 14:13:39] Rob Morey: to give you an idea of the size of them, the plates are 18 cms in diameter

[16/11/13 15:33:43] Rob Morey: I have just taken a record of our last two weeks conversations, then deleted it all. If you ever need it let me know. Chris is on the bed in tears, I am not very happy either, really depressed after this. I am now deleting Skype entirely. (heart)   I have also kept the video of your pill episode if you ever need that to show how depressed it all made you. (heart)










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