How these perverted trolls continually attack a women, knowing she suffers from Hodgkins

Here above just a handful of abusive messages written by Jane Russell and just look at who supports this form of abuse!

Just for the record Jenniejen or whatever your name is, JS told both you and your mate Jones that she was suffering from Hodgkins, yet both of you continue to attack her and her family How sick is that? you want proof, I have asked permission to print all this, these are appointments from just ONE hospital where JS is being treated look at what they are for, then go and check what the treatments are for her illness which can be found HERE 

Here is a copy of the letter and card JS has to carry with her everywhere she goes if your clever check the dates with her conversations with your mate Christopher John Hobby aka Kris Manalien

This is going to look really good for you all in upcoming court cases, how many of you were attacking her whilst she was undergoing such horrible painful treatments? You all knew but carried on relentlessly, putting images up of her with the most shocking texts under them, all in a file with the police.

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