Christopher John Hobby aka Kris Manalien is in a right spin this morning

It would appear that Christopher John Hobby convicted harasser is in a right spin this morning, I wonder why that is? maybe it’s because of the posts here in this blog which, debunk all his malicious lies about others. I bet Ms Poulton really will be pleased that he is posting all her private emails and phone texts to him, proving once again how low she will go to get a story.  Her obsession with the ‘Women in Holland’ I find particularly amusing, as that lady has done absolutely nothing to her, in actual fact ‘The Women in Holland’ stuck up for her several times saying, “she was fooled by Jones and others”.  Just one piece of evidence of ‘The Women in Holland’ discrediting Ms Poulton, would be very much appreciated.  How many times did you CHRISTOPHER JOHN HOBBY try to persuade ‘The Women in Holland’ to take Poulton to court? Two, Three times, or have you lost count? what was ‘The Women in Holland’s’ answer to you? A BIG FAT NO! in fact you fell out with her because of this.  We here believe you were setting a trap on behalf of Poulton to make some evidence which could be used against her. What a complete waste of time that turned out to be.  I am waiting for a number of emails to come my way which I shall share with the readers of this blog about how YOU Christopher manipulated and groomed ‘The Women in Holland’ to do YOUR dirty work

By the way, unlike yourself who believes he is a genius on a computer and, as you have said on several occasions, possesses a ‘Legal Mind’ ‘The Women in Holland’ has no computer skills other than that of a ‘normal’ user.



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