The convicted criminal Christopher John Hobby aka Kris Manalien spends all his time online

Well you have been saying you know who Kevin Green is all the time, or are you now admitting you have no idea whatsoever?  Remarkable how you are digging up tweets from 4/5 years ago why? because you have nothing beter to do, you have no life, the internet has become your life.

So the council have moved you?

Strange that because you had not moved on Wednesday last, hmmm.  You know the day you did not attend the Royal Courts of Justice in London for the very important hearing against your brother, you know the one that was kicked out.    Poor old Debbie, wife of your solicitor you say? or just another figment of your imagination like all the other so called friends you have. Wake up Christopher, even Jones found out what a creep and liar you are, says something for him at least, but I suppose as you are both cut from the same cloth it must have been a harrowing experience for him.

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