For all the new followers of this blog, I bid you welcome

So, Christopher, you are still so busy trying to sell your shit to others, claiming to be the innocent party and also the victim of a gang of trolls that have been out to get you for the last 16 years, well I never.

When in reality it is you yourself that is the abuser, stalker and harasser, when anyone dares to disagree with you, they become another member of your fictitious gang that is out to get you.

You also seem desperate to get this blog taken down, just like your friend Royden James Jones, yet neither of you is willing to take the blogs down which you are responsible for.

So now back to today’s tweets this time once again you choose to attack Mark Williams-Thomas like you have been doing for a very long time, why, one may ask.  Well, that’s really easy, you groomed a lady living in the Netherlands to ask Mark to look into certain photographs on a website of a well-known artist namely, Robin Cracknell, who you stalked and harassed for many years, you even received a jail sentence for this filthy crime. You knew this lady had contact with Mark and you used her to get to him, when he refused to help, both she and he became members of your fictitious gang of abusers.

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