Christopher John Hobby aka Kris Manalien gone back to Blackmailing again!

This email was sent to Royden James Jones, by Christopher John Hobby, who doesn’t seem to know what his name is anymore, as he calls himself  ‘Chris Manalien’ 

also the subject is very confusing: Your communications with Ronnie Hobby friend and accomplice of your ‘alleged’ victim Janette Scharenborg ????? Losing it? definitely!

Whichever way you look at this email, it is pure Blackmail I do hope the solicitors who received a copy of this email will warn Christopher of his continual harassment.


According to the alien, his previous Twitter account @christo28112195 has been locked so he has now opened up yet another one @ManalienMoreyAM where he will no doubt continue to abuse and attack others, spreading his malicious lies and conspiracy crap, both he and Jones are cut from the same cloth. By the way Christopher, Reporters without Borders would never tell you where their reporters are, or their names, as that would be putting their lives in danger.

I repeat again, you want this blog gone? you delete all your libelous blogs about others, which of course you deny you have written.

I have allowed a comment on this blog as it shows how desperate Christopher John Hobby is, using the same proxy server (static IP) as other comments he tried to put here, also sent from yet another email address, one not even mentioned in the above blackmail email sent to his mate Jones.

Once again Christopher both you and Jones have a way out of this, you know what to do


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