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Cyber-stalked by a stranger

Robin Cracknell Victim


Cyber-stalking laws: police review urged

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Image captionCases of cyber-stalking are on the increase.

A senior police officer is calling on the government to review whether laws governing cyber-stalking in the UK are fit for purpose.

Greater Manchester Assistant Chief Constable Garry Shewan wants police to be given more powers to seize computers used to harass victims online.

It is hard to prove who committed stalking even though it is easy to establish which computer was used.

The Home Office says it is investigating the issue.

Mr Shewan, who is the Association of Chief Police Officers (Acpo) leader on the issue of stalking and harassment, met ministers at the Home Office last week.

He said: “The legislation is 12 years old and I don’t think anyone envisaged 12 years ago the extent that the world wide web would open up opportunities to harass and stalk people via the internet.”

Cyber-stalkers can currently either be charged under the Protection from Harassment Act or the Malicious Communications Act, but charities and academics say neither is sufficient given the expansion in technology in recent years.

300% increase

As the number of people using computers has increased, so has the ability to tap into personal information online.

Mr Shewan wants it to be easier to seize computer equipment from a suspect and to get internet providers to hand over the IP address, which can be used to trace the suspect.

Professor Carsten Maple, who heads the National Centre for Cyber-stalking Research at Bedfordshire University, said it was easy for those in-the-know to track down information.

He said Trojan spyware can be used to hack into anybody’s computer, access their personal files and even secretly switch on their webcam.

Trojans are viruses which pose as harmless programmes and can be sent into computers via e-mails and other methods.

Yet currently police find it difficult to seize computer equipment unless they can prove there was an intention to cause fear or distress.

Prof Maple added his voice to calls for a review of the legislation.

He said: “The lack of power to seize computers makes it difficult to prove who is responsible for stalking, even if it can be shown beyond reasonable doubt that a particular device was used to commit a crime.”

Jane Harvey from the Network for Surviving Stalking said 77% of stalking victims waited until more than 100 incidents had happened before going to the police.

She said when they finally took that step it was vital their allegations were taken seriously and the situation investigated fully.

“This is a devastating crime – being stalked online can ruin people’s lives,” she said.

“We urge the government and the police to do everything possible to ensure those affected by cyber-stalking get proper access to justice.”

Prosecutions under the Malicious Communications Act have soared to an all-time high and increased almost 300% in five years to 899 last year.

Charges under the Protection from Harassment Act have risen from just under 12,000 to 12,549 in five years.

Separate figures from the Crown Prosecution Service (CPS) show that last year 33% of stalking incidents were by e-mail, 32% by text message and another 8.4% through social networking sites.

A Home Office spokesman said it was working with the police, Crown Prosecution Service and charities to try to improve the police response and make sure there were robust prosecutions.

He said: “Cyber stalking is a crime. As with all other forms of stalking we take it very seriously and we expect other agencies to do the same.

“The Home Office, Ministry of Justice and the Crown Prosecution Service are currently working together with victims and support charities to discuss whether the Protection from Harassment Act 1997 and its enforcement has been effective in providing an appropriate response to stalking.”

You can hear the full report on 5 live Investigateson Sunday 1 May at 2100 BST on BBC Radio 5 live. You can also listen again on the BBC iPlayer or by downloading the 5 live Investigates podcast.

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12 thoughts on “Christopher John Hobby aka Kris Manalien Convicted Troll

  1. here is a masty troll for your site she is not convicted (yet) but she soon will be and her mates too

    1. As far as I am aware someone has to be arrested, charged and found guilty before that person can be classed as convicted for any wrongdoing.

      1. removing the links that shows what your friend janette scharenborg is really like shows you to be a cowardly troll piece of shit you always were carl

  2. trolling a very recently bereaved man on behalf of the people who killed his partner is a discusting and cowardly thing to do you that are the real trolls and stalkers and hopefully you will be convicted soon so you can then write about yourself but you wont will you

    1. The person is certainly not bereaved, as he spends every waking hour on Twitter trying to convince others that he is the victim, well he is not, he is the abuser. He loved his partner so much that he didn’t even attend the funeral, just put a piece of paper on the coffin thanking him for being his friend. Two strangers were there how awful is that?

  3. The Worst Twice Convicted Troll in the Uk. He’s been with the D.V.S.O since 1995. Convicted of harrasment in 1998 & again Jailed for 6 months for stalking a photographer for 4 years in 2011.
    Dorset police banned his paymaster Gerry Coulter from entering Dorset.
    Chris is the guy who did all the abuse & used his Partners details in all correspondence just in case he got caught again. He did November 2015 & bailed for 50 weeks & case is not closed.

    He has a hatred towards Mark Williams-Thomas & uses multiple accounts to troll him. Mark deals with tracking down paediohiles whilst Chris hampers his work. Makes you wonder why Chris would hamper paedophile cases? (Hearsay deleted)

    He is an attention seeker & creates situations where he can be seen as a victim. He has called himself an elderly Gay non camp gentleman for the past 18 years which means he’s been elderly since he was 48!! So he plays the homophobe card on all who cross him plus he keeps every email, DM etc etc to be used against any one he befriends at a later date against them.

    How many people save every phone call, twitter logs & screen shots plus archives to an acute Pyschopathic addiction.

    He is self absorbed & selfish & could not leave his computer keyboard to go to his partner of 37 years Robert Morey. got the worst Funeral any person could of had which is very sad. 3 people turned up & all Chris put on Roberts coffin was thanks for being my friend?

    He was his partner for 37 years & he gets down graded to just a friend?! (Part deleted hearsay)

    1. We will not print hearsay, opinions are different than hearsay. Christopher has to live with the fact his partner died because of HIS own obsession of feeling that everybody is out to get him, or is a homophobe. Christopher is a disgrace to the gay community, who have a difficult enough time as it is. Ask yourself why he has never been accepted in a gay community. It is a known fact that the gay community take care of each other especially in times of tragedy and death, where are they now? By his own hands, Christopher is alienating himself from the help he is crying out for.

      1. Chris needs Proper Pyschiatric help which surprises me that the police have Not got Psychiatrists to evaluate him? He is obsessive in his tweeting with his account
        @ManalienmoreyAm where yesterday he retweeted a lot of tweets going back to 2012? All contain arguememts between others but he feels it’s his destiny to get involved & make anything that is not his business Now part of his business? On his own timeline he claims the police took 100 Computer discs of him plus 3 Apple Mac computers & anything else used for trolling. Is this normal to have 100 discs of archived data on people’s tweets & details of their personal lives on them?

        Andwer is no.

        He has yet another account popped up @chrisnobbyhobby I’ve no idea if this is his account but it’s similar in style or is he creating accounts to hate on himself as proven by Pc Wearnes of Dorset Police where many of his trolls were created by Chris? Why troll yourself unless to make it look like look worse than it is.

        It’s appalling his solicitor & friend Debbie believe everything he tells them & she teeeted out that trolls are responsible for Roberts death? Just as Chris accuses everyone of trolling Robert to Death.

        It’s ludicrous as Chris has been proven in a court of law twice to be found guilty of harrsssment in 1998 & stalking in 2011 plus his many failed court cases against others.

        The one thing Robert did expect was Chris to turn up & lead Roberts funeral service but he was too engrossed in trolling & a court case he issued & subsequently lost by not even turning up to that.

        The Question is did Chris’s stalking get way too much for robert as Chris used his name Robert Lee aka robert morey in nearly all correspondence & I doubt robert was aware of some of the things he was included in?

        If Chris had followed the law whilst on bail for 50 weeks which he did not & stopped his internet abuse then robert may be alive today.

        I see like admin has said that the gay community are not helping him or even responding to him & in fact no one except his solicitor & his wife & a few tweets from a couple of others have supported him. It’s as if they know he is a bad egg & to stay well clear.

        Why would anyone want to be friends with a man who records your conversations, keeps all your tweets & DM’s plus emails etc to be used against them if they fell out with him? Chris is the worst blackmailer & by far the sickest stalker on the Internet today & must be brought to justice or given treatment.

        1. You seem to know more about Christopher than the authorities do, who, by the way, do not have the knowledge nor the know-how to deal with such difficult personalities. Dorset Police must have a room full of boxes containing so-called evidence presented to them by both Christopher and his departed partner Robert. I have to ask myself just how many files they have about HIM, complaints made by others about his obsession? Standing on the sideline looking in, the authorities should have had a psychiatric assessment performed both on Christoper and his now deceased partner, they do have the power to detain someone for this very purpose. Saying that I am sure the authorities especially the officers involved at Dorset Police know only too well that they and their families would also become potential targets. In the 50 weeks that both Manalien and Lee were on bail, they sent more than 1000 emails to the officer in charge probably, full of their own made up evidence. I believe that this is the reason that 1. it took so long to investigate and 2. the reason that the CPS decided not to take it any further!
          If you have any evidence that can be used on this site please feel free to pass it on to us.

  4. Yes I can certainly sift through it all having been on the end of his stalking campaign for a few years.

    Unlike Chris I don’t keep an indexed filing cabinet of it all but yes of coarse their is enough to have some very serious charges brought against him & Coulter & when you receive it all it will shock you as to the lengths these weasels go to try & destroy your life just for saying “no thank you but I do not need your help” it was as if stating to Chris to go away was his cue to troll the crap out of me.

    I know I am not alone by a long way & have broad shoulders but others would have had a nervous breakdown by now as to the lengths Chris goes too.

    It was not hearsay that I too saw the total of emails he sent to the police during his bail mid 2016 was 340 emails & this came from Chris himself who complained he’d sent this amount & was getting no reply.

    I have seen his twitter account today which he states he sent just over 30? Which is laughable as he so very often contradicts himself & forgets what he had said previously.

    I don’t do cut & paste & archive etc etc but have real evidence in untampered emails, tweets, DM’s, plus links to his blogs still in use spouting of garbage about myself & a whole array of other people.

    I had a really good read today & counted over 80 different people within 3 hours of reading his several blogs of people he calls trolls or anyone he does not like

    The Police do have the power to impose a police Section on Chris for evaluation & why they have so far chosen not to do so is baffling to all his victims & myself included. His victims include well over 50 named police officers from PC to a PCC & a Chief Constable of Dorset Police. He is well known to Dorset Police as a thorn in their side. A bloody big one if you ask me.

    So apart from him hating on a minimum of 80 non police officers plus at least 50 police officers he calls Freemasons & all corrupt, it tells us all that for us all to be bad & corrupt for refusing to accepting friendship or not following a complaint through as a police officer then you get the Chris Hobby hate campaign.

    So is Chris’s behaviour Normal? Absolutely not when he can count on one hand the number of family & friends he still amazingly manages to talk to without sticking them on a troll list.

    Ok so why has Chris got away with so much stalking for such a long time & chalked up just 2 convictions in 1997 & 2011? Very easy answer: He had the financial backing of a Wealthy deluded man called Gerry Coulter the paymaster of the deluded DVSO meant for victims where Just Chris & robert remained the DVSO’s resident victims!

    Every time they threatened to take someone to court they did so with the financial backing of deluded Gerry Coulter a wealthy engineer from Hertfordshire.

    They seem to have had one hell of a falling out publicaly or maybe it’s a farce to keep Coulter out of the picture.

    So how many “victims” have the DVSO helped over many many years? Well robert, Chris & a guy who had a garden knome stolen from his front garden & blamed it on a female police superintendent because she just so happened to walk past this victims house not in uniform!!

    I jest not if Is laughable with no proof & this guy “Victim” did a production style tv interview with Coulter about being arrested in his front garden & having his knows stolen. Big news are knomes & it must mean all Dorset police officers are corrupt & Knomaphobic excuse the pun!

    There is 100% no doubt all Coulters websites were written by Chris with background music from Robert. Robert being dragged along like a nodding dog to his troll master Chris. I’ve no idea how robert put up with Chris & neither does Roberts brother Barry.

    So is it that every single one of us being stalked by Chris to date & his tweeting is exhausting to read, that we must all be wrong all 130 plus of us minimum including police officers or is it this guy Chris Hobby which does fit the description of a narcissist with Anti-Social & Psychopathic Personality disorder traits in fact all 30 pychopathic traits as used as a measurement by all pyschoattrists to diagnose Pychopsthic behaviour & it does not mean Chris is an axe murderer but he shows all the signs of rebelling against anyone who disagrees with him by going to extreme lengths to name, shame and make his victims lives a mystery.

    Non of the terms I use are used lightly & I am
    Qualified enough to make these observations although opinions can differ & in this case I’d say very slightly.

    Have a good evening all & being kind with manners costs nothing & trolling achieves nothing but misery.

    1. Maybe trolling is a hobby for hobby, think about that for a while, I used to collect matchboxes, I had thousands of the things in every color/size you could think of, they came from all over the world, my friends and family would make a point of bringing me back matchboxes from countries they visited on holiday or for their work. I still have them somewhere in the attic. Chris collects emails, private messages, websites, to use against those he decides to troll. I have no idea where Coulter fits into all of this, he can’t be a very successful business man if he lets people like Christopher and his late partner run his internet activities, he could pay a proper IT guy to do it for him. We are trying to get a complete list of all the victims then we will invite them to write an impact statement which, I will then put on this site.

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