According to Christopher John Hobby aka Kris Manalien his late partner was an angel who walked this earth


 I ask you the reader, are these tweets of an angel?

and then we have this email telling a different story

Please take note that this email is sent from the email account of Robert Lee yet it is signed by


One thought on “According to Christopher John Hobby aka Kris Manalien his late partner was an angel who walked this earth

  1. 99% of all teeets were from Chris & not robert. Robert was used by Chris after he was sent to prison for 6 months in 2011.

    It goes to show you that even Roberts own family Doubted Chris’s sanity when he tried to stop them from attending their own brothers funeral. Chris had already planned imo on not turning up at Roberts funeral. Instead he was on form & on twitter whilst Roberts very sad 20 minute service took place with just his solicitors wife & two of their friends attending. Chris had threatened Roberts brother to not attend his own brothers funeral & that being Barry Morey.

    It sickens me & the People who knew Robert, that Robert would not say boo to a goose yet he was used until his death by Chris in name only to save Chris from jail.

    Robert had no criminal convictions yet Chris has Two?! Both for harrsssment/Stalking.

    Every video made by the deluded D.V.S.O was made and narrated by Chris himself. Voice overs were
    always Chris’s & the art was 100% Chris’s & some of the videos were made in Chris’s flat yet he strangely denied on his twitter account that he has nothing to do with the 50+ videos that can be seen on YouTube under D.V.S.O

    Chris appeared in a couple of the videos himself which he denies? Unless he has a twin brother with the same parrot sitting on his shoulder then he’s deluded.

    He has had over 100 twitter accounts plus other accounts on other social media platforms takes down. But he starts new ones up again.

    He lies again by stating he has nothing to do with the D
    .V.S.O.S websites although registered to Gerry Coulter.

    Gerry is diagnosed with Dyslexia & could not have written the quantity of various story’s on any of his own websites so what is clear is chris does.

    Chris does all the video art, video recording & all the stories for the 4 sites Coulter admits to owning & Chris owns a couple of blogs on the site as they are free. He confirms a lot of it by not realising it when tweeting out stuff & cut & pasting others emails he replies to & forgets he’s put his foot in it by signing emails. Chris!! He ran the DVSO help desk & the police have arrested both Chris & robert on multiple occasions only for Chris to end up being charged,

    It saddens me today that he still uses a dead man for his propoganda & his email address. He wrote to the Cumbrian PCC which he likes to tag in by the Cumbrian PCC asking Chris if “Kris Manalien” was the person he’d just emailed”? Followed by a tweet from Chris to the PCC stating that “yes Kris Manalien is my professional name? He’s not an actor so why use another name & if he is using just Kris manalien by changing his name via deed poll then he’s breaking the law by using both names. So it’s a case of whatever name can cover his own backside,

    Moral of the story for Christopher John Hobby is stay well clear of this narcissist & don’t communicate with him unless you want to end up on social media in a very bad light,

    Hope you all have a nice Sunday & Trolling people is pure evil. It achieves nothing & solves nothing.

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