Royden James Jones aka Outlaw up to his old allegations again

I really do think it very strange that all these trolls keep calling their victims paedophiles, or shills, or gatekeepers.  Outlaw’s favorite is of course paedophiles, as we can once again witness in these posts, taken from his Facebook account.

So the person who put this website together is a paedophile? is that now slander or libel? Is this not one of the things he keeps telling those that listen to him, that others call him a paedophile? that he is afraid that people out there will take this serious and come for him and his family.

Yet it is really ok for him to call others paedophiles, he has no regard for their children, people that he doesn’t know, nor has ever set eyes upon.  Of course, we have the gathering of his cult who jump on his every word,

Of course, we have the gathering of his cult who jump on his every word, they, of course, go on to repeat his lies.

Now I have to ask myself, who would be afraid of a midget, that is nearly blind, never leaves the house without his psychiatric nurse holding his hand?

Certainly not me, as we all know what a liar Jones is, a reminder for those who have just started following this website.

This is what Royden James Jones told Channel 4 news

Funny thing is Royden James Jones was never at Bryn Estyn,  it was JS who told him she knew he was lying as none of the ex-residents remembered him being there, so he promptly changed his story and said he was in the protected wing, which, according to the same ex-residents said,  it would have been impossible to see the carpark, from the closed unit (as it was called) as that was at the back of the home, making it impossible for him to have seen the carpark, let alone children getting into a car!  It was after this revelation by the real ex-residents did JS confront him with his lies, after which, she became his target and to this very day it continues.  He actually tried to convince others that it was Channel 4 who changed his story to make it look like he had seen Morrison at Bryn Estyn

Then we have these lies, which he keeps on telling in spite of being found out


and then we have his contradictions of ever being in Bryn Estyn and never having said that he saw Morrison there!

Then these two tweets about Jimmy Savile

We have written to channel 4 and have asked for an explanation. Maybe this falls under the False News everybody is talking and tweeting about?

By the way Jones, the only person discrediting you is YOU, every time you open your mouth or get behind your keyboard, we are only showing those lies!


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