The Alien does not like the truth even when it is staring him in the face


Christopher this is the last time I shall write about this and take away the delusion that the old WordPress blog was suspended.  If an account is suspended one is not allowed to export anything from that blog, nor would the site be re-directed, something you yourself have found to be true,  if one should click on any of the old posts in google, they will be directed here.

Further look at the date this website was created 29th January 2017, of course I have redacted the personal details of the transaction, I mean we wouldn’t be so stupid to put one’s credit card details on here now would we?


Further, I see that you are re-tweeting yourself on a made up troll account again. How do we know it is you? because otherwise it would not be there anymore, you would have made it a priority to have it removed!





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