According to Christopher John Hobby he has never published blogs about anybody, oh dear

After going through about 300 emails which I have been given full access to by the owner, I have found several emails that completely blow the claims of Christopher John Hobby out of the water! I do hope you are still reading Debbie 

 This little gem was sent in a DM to @Dogs_r_Out after he had received proof that Christopher did write blogs

This is just a handful of emails I found to prove that Christopher does write and publish blogs, before you all start shouting saying this is the email address of his late partner Robert, we all know that Christopher used and still uses his late partner’s email address. I am sure there are a lot more emails to add to this post.

 Also amongst these emails are several emails proving that JS sent several large amounts of money into the bank account of Morey aka Lee, I shall be asking permission to show this proof, also asking what this money was for. 



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