If you dare to disagree with Christopher John Hobby, you will become an abuser!

A public health warning should be put on the Troll Christopher John Hobby, as you could be putting yourself and your family in very grave danger

We are still looking into this, why did Christopher first approach Eve Thomas?

See once again the email is written on the email account of Robert but is signed by Chris

I find this email to Eve very educational “Janette facetimed me and she was very depressed and bedraggled and was in SUICIDE MODE holding a bottle of 150 of her husband’s heart pills disolved in water…..”  so it is his opinion she was about to commit suicide? something she said she would never do as her father, mother and other members of her family had done this, scaring the remaining members for life. 

Now this email where they don’t believe a word Eve says?

One thought on “If you dare to disagree with Christopher John Hobby, you will become an abuser!

  1. I’ve been hacked too by someone who wants me off the internet. I think he uses RATS. Remote Access Trojan Spyware. I’ve endured psychological torments over a number of years. My evidence is my Laptop and Tablet,I beleieve there will be an electronic connection between his computer and mine… he has made references to what I do in my bedroom – who would possibly know I take my bra off in bed? Who would know things that have been said in my kitchen? Things only a hacker would know. I am keeping the Laptop and Tablet as evidence for a nice Policeman who may want to see them one day. I’m also very very depressed because of this. GOOD LUCK EVERYONE YOU WILL REALLY NEED IT XX

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