The Twitter Troll is desperately trying to keep his sinking pirate ship afloat, complete with shipmates Debbie & Mike, that’s Mike the bent solicitor and his gullible wife Debbie! These are the ONLY two (deluded) friends the Twitter Troll has.


It has come to light how a certain VERY close ex friend of the Troll read my blog and saw the evidential 1998 Malicious Communications Police record, something that this friend knew NOTHING about, because the Troll NEVER made him aware of it, then why would he, as if he had then this friend would not have funded him for 7 years! But hey, happy days, he now knows the truth and has dropped the Troll, he is also now willing to make a full Statement to Police in support of all the existing victims of the Troll. He is also looking forwards to the latest malicious video about him being published. I do love KARMA!

It also transpires that the Twitter Trolls partner took all the rap for all the mischief the Troll has been committing since 2011, and apparently wanted OUT of the relationship! The poor gullible sod even admitted too things to the Police that he never even did!

It may now be time to go find Mals’s mud hut!



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