Christopher John Hobby aka Kris Man ALIEN attacking others 24/7 – UPDATED

He never stops, I would like to know just how many people he is accusing of abusing him? That would be everyone that does not agree with the things he does, or the things he says.

Maybe you can point out where this Mr Bone says he was an usher in Cardiff Crown Court, or where he claims to be a Samaritan. I put it to you Mr Alien, that this is how you read his tweets, nobody else does, only you. You see what you want to see, not what is written.

Another threat issued by yourself against Mr Gerald Coulter a very sucessful business man from Hertfordshire on your other twitter account @ManalienMoreyAM which you ceased to use after posting this. This was posted 3 days ago, both Coulter, his solicitors and ourselves are waiting with baited breath for this documentary to be aired.  

I have been informed that Mr Coulter has written a statement in support of your other victims, saying, that you are responsible for certain posts about them, also that you continually asked him for money, Mr Coulter withdrew all his support both financial and otherwise after your partner admitted to him that he had admitted guilt of publishing your abuse on several blogs and videos. Yes Alien, you are solely responsible for the untimely death of your partner.  Since Mr Coulter stopped supporting you, he has automatically become another target of yours.  In my opinion this will be the beginning of the end of your continual abuse against others. 

Perhaps the Alien would care to show Debbie where I or others have said that Coulter is a wealthy man, I said he was a successful business man. 

By the way Alien, I have now listened to the phone call with Coulter, there are a few surprises ahead for you. 



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