The Alien is just Gagging for Attention


It can’t be much fun being on twitter and not have anyone answering your tweets, or paying any attention to you at all, so just this time I shall give you some well needed attention.

First of all what sort of person would write a note to one of his followers whose account is locked, but then, instead of sending it via DM  posted said note on twitter? well there is only one totally deluded nutter on twitter who practises this sort of attention seeking behaviour aka Christopher John Hobby or Kris Manalien, or as I call him the Alien.

I see that the Alien is keeping up his attacks on Mark Williams-Thomas a well known investigative journalist whom the Alien has been attacking/abusing for a few years using many aliases, oh I do hope that Inspector Baxter will be investigating those tweets sent by various DVSO twitter handles mentioned on other posts on the site.

Even his own MP Conor Burns has obviously had enough abuse from the Alien that any emails from him go straight to spam, does that bother the Alien? of course it doesn’t he continues to add him to his pathetic tweets.*%40conorburns_mp&src=typd*%40conorburns_mp&src=typd


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