Just to clarify some things

A couple of days ago I received the above email from JS which I am sure you can all read.  She did not activate her account (which, had been deactivated last August 2016) someone else had activated it, not only that all her tweets had been deleted all 120,000 of them, which, according to twitter is really impossible, as all of the tweet delete sites only allow the deletion of 3500 tweets!   She has informed twitter of this and is awaiting a reply from them.  I told her to wait as the culprit would not be able to keep this to themselves and we didn’t have to wait long did we?

So now one has to ask one’s self what is goody two shoes doing conversing with a very vicious troll @SpasticBrienne the same troll who only a few short weeks ago was attacking her friend the Alien?  Just maybe goody two shoes has one of her shoes in each camp?

Then once again, we have this same Brienne troll accusing me of being the lady in the Netherlands

Well Brienne, or whatever your name is, I am not here is the proof, which according to Adeybob is fake and made with windows Paint, which I can assure you it is not and it is 100% genuine.

Also, as I have said in previous posts here, the lady in question gave me full permission into go to her email account,  using the information there as I saw fit. Which of course I have done. In fact, I did more than that, I collected all the headers from the original source of sender.  Which proves without a shadow of a doubt that the Alien was using email accounts associated with the D.V.S.O, not only that, but he was also signing these emails as Mr Coulter, not on behalf of, but making it look as if it were Mr Coulter sending them.

I am very pleased to see that the Alien has decided to concentrate on his art-work instead of mouthing off the whole day on twitter.



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