Christopher John Hobby blames everybody for the death of his partner

I find this typical of the Alien, once again he has decided to blame the ambulance service for the sudden death of his partner.  He will never accept that he is the main reason that his partner had this massive heart attack.

The Alien is still attacking Mark Williams-Thomas, something he has been doing for a very long time, he denies it, but I think we have proved that here for the full 100%. I have ask, what would be the point of suing someone who doesn’t have anything? someone that couldn’t even afford a solicitor, it would be just throwing money down the toilet.

Then we have these posts of his on his new stalking ground Facebook

first of all Alien, there is absolutely nothing illegal about printing things already in the public domain, secondly the police will not listen to you anymore, like your MP and others, who have all found out who is the real abuser here.

For your information your brothers facebook page was down

You should become a comedian, nothing will overturn your conviction, you were guilty, Cracknell knows it, the court know it as do the police know it! have you forgotten this?



he police know it.

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