The lies just keep coming, he is after all alien to the truth

Christopher John Hobby aka Kris Manalien aka @Chrishobby2 would have you believe he has left twitter for good, if you believe that, then you must have fairies living at the bottom of your garden, just as he has.  What he has done, is, he has taken his bile to yet another platform, remember a narcissist craves for attention, remembering that negative attention is still attention.  He can now be read daily on the local news outlets that have a comment section here is the link to just one, there are several but I don’t want to give him too much attention do I?

on the comments section of this post he even answers himself?

Please note that in this post he says “This afternoon a friend posted on twitter that I was announcing my permanent departure from twitter, calling it “Twittercide”  so once again he is saying that the @ChrisHobby2 account is not his?

Yet in other tweets it is him, not only that he has a very special mobile phone that turns itself on and films without his knowledge HOW CONVENIENT 

He even went further to elaborate on this phenomenon which I find quite remarkable, putting in lightly!

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