Christopher John Hobby aka Kris Manalien convicted stalker and abuser strikes again and again

I have just returned home after being away for almost a year but as far as Christopher John Hobby aka Kris Manalien it might have been just a day, as he is still screaming abuse and lies about innocent people to anyone who will give him the time of day or night, now in the new guise of @ArtistMusicianX 

I have no idea how many accounts he has had since I left the country but going on his past record it must be at least 50.  Anyone getting involved with this person will never be able to get away from him, he is like a vampire and will cling until he has drained every last drop of your blood.  The lies I have been reading on this latest account are the same as all his other accounts

Wake up Christopher or should I say Kris as you did change your name officially fully relinquishing the name of Hobby which you are still using! so any court case you are involved with in the name of Hobby should be thrown out at the first hearing.  Also that order against your brother is now not worth the paper it is written upon as technically you no longer exist (oh I wish that were true) I shall of course be updating the courts with this information.

  Change Name by Deed Poll

Deed Poll is a legal document which, (unlike most deeds) only has one party; you! There are various words on the deed whereby you relinquish your former name and adopt your new name. You then require everybody to stop using your old name and address you by your new name only.

You have some surprises coming your way very soon, lets just hope your home when they come.  Another lie you keep publishing is that Ms. Scharenborg will be arrested if she enters the UK again, well Kris, she has been in and out of the UK many many times this last year, as she looked after her sister until she passed away and then helped move her brother in law to a new smaller house, she was there when I spoke with her about 2 weeks ago!  I telephoned Dorset police just the other day who informed me that anything you say should be taken with a pinch of salt.  There is NO ONE under investigation on your behalf by them or any one else.


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