@ArtistMusicianX aka Kris Manalien screaming at the walls as nobody is listening to him

Karma is such a wonderful thing, something Kris Manalien is about to find out, THE HARD WAY!! his lies and fraudulent lifestyle are going to catch up with him big time.

Someone should ask him when was the last time he or his late partner sold anything they had made, everything he has turned his hands to has failed, so he turned his hand to abusing decent folk sponging money out of them as much as he can and when the pot is empty he abuses them making hideous you tube movies (which get taken down as fast as he puts them up) you see he has no regard for anyone’s life except his own, in other words a sociopath! he cares not who he hurts, but loves to hurt the children of those he says have caused him or his partner pain.


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