The mystery of an email that was never sent

As you can see from this email supposedly sent by no other than Matt Baxter police officer at Dorset Police (note the date) about an email that the alien says he received from this website,  which is yet another blatant lie from the profound liar, also claiming that this web site belongs to Ms Scharenborg, which I have already proved to the officer in question, that it has absolutely nothing to do with her at all, I sent a copy of the billing and my home address to him also the payment from my own bank account here in Frankfurt.

On another note Mr Alien, what about all the blogs and video blogs you are making about people? you keep crying wolf when in actual fact it is you who is the wolf and nobody else. Dorset Police and as I have been informed so does every other police authority in the UK fully aware of your prolific stalking and continual attack on these persons you say are attacking you 24/7/365 yet you show no proof of any substance, we all are very aware that you make up twitter accounts to attack yourself with, just as you send yourself emails supposedly sent from others. The curtain is about to fall on you next month, just wait and see what evidence is being brought against you, then the judge in question will have no doubt as to who the victims are here.

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