Nothing changes

The reason I have taken nearly a year off, a very good friend of mine took his own life because of false allegations made against him of rape, these allegations were not only proved to be false but the person in question admitted that she had lied about the whole sordid story.

The devastation caused by these lies, which were at the time all over Face Book caused not only my friend so much stress, but also his family and friends. Just because someone claims something, that does not make that something true.

Yesterday I contacted someone who has in the past written many untrue blogs about people they don’t know or have ever met, I asked them to delete those blogs also the comments on them.  This interaction took place on Face Book in private messages, I could see by their first reaction that they had no interest in doing what I had asked.  As a gesture of goodwill I removed many blogs relating to the people concerned from this website.  The person in question then put a post up on their open face book page of my request with an answer which they did not give in the conversation, yes, I have kept them all, but I will not play YOUR childish games and put them here.  My offer still stands for him and also for Christopher John Hobby aka Kris Manalien take down all your videos, blogs and comments on other websites! Remember this, it is the children and their children who will suffer because of all of this.  Someone has to begin to end all the hate and anger so that all concerned can carry on with their lives.  I will not entertain arguments of he said/she said, or he did/she did. If you want to put an end to this behaviour, the ball is in your court.


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