DVSO YOUTUBE CHANNEL ran by no other than Christopher John Hobby aka Kris Manalien aka Christopher Manalien

Today I have been given evidence and a statement that the real DVSO has NOTHING to do with this You Tube Account



I have also proof of emails which were sent from the home address of the Alien using the email account of the real DVSO. This is not only fraud, but is also deception with intentions!  It is going to be real busy in court next week and may turn out to be the trial of the century but not for the brother. Many of the Alien’s so called super trolls will be attending including a representative of the man the Alien put through hell and went to prison because of it.  You see all these so called super trolls have one thing in common, they tried to be friends and help him, when they realised that he was lying about everything they tried to back off, but the Alien would not let them, these innocent people found each other through the Aliens own blogs, for that they are all very grateful because now there can be a class action made against the Alien. Roll on 12 July lets get this piece of shit off the net for good this time.

He also claims that I keep saying he is a blackmailer, I am only repeating what has been written about him in the press, in the words of Robin Cracknell “Being stalked, harassed and BLACKMAILED by a stranger for four years is psychologically very draining” come on Alien get out of this one!


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