The Audacity of CONVICTED ABUSER & STALKER Christopher John Hobby aka Kris Manalien

The audacity of an already convicted abuser and stalker who has been jailed for HIS actions Christopher John Hobby aka Kris Manalien, now calling himself Christopher Manalien who has already been imprisoned for his actions says that he is the victim of SUPER TROLLS when in fact, it is HIM who is constantly stalking and abusing others, the true facts are all over the internet for all to see.  He continues to lie and deceive anyone and everyone he comes in contact with.  He has now written to Dream Host Abuse about this site, once again saying that it belongs to someone else, demanding that Dream Host delete this website whilst HE has control over so many blogs he has written about those he continues to abuse on a daily basis.  Yet, in his eyes that is accepted, well I have news for you KRIS we will not accept your lies and abuse anymore, note, when people stand up to him, he goes into complete and utter meltdown and then will make them his next victim, and so the story continues.

For those interested he has written more blogs and presented more video clips than anyone else on this planet, he has also had more blogs and video clips banned, suspended or taken down than anyone else on this planet, I believe he should go in the Guinness Book of Records for his behaviour.

Just take the time and glance through this list of abusive video’s made by him, we have to date had more than 40 deleted and even whole channels of his suspended because of his abusive behaviour. 


These are just a few of his lying abusive blogs


this last one we had deleted/taken down for its abuse

In this one he attacks one of his victims young son, who has lost work because of the lies written about his mother

Do not forget this creep was once jailed for the same actions that I have shown you explicit proof of here

He continually states that he has now proved that he was not the person who was responsible for the attacks on Mr Robin Cracknell, but that it was his brother Ronnie Hobby, who has been on the receiving end of his abuse for more than a decade, yet, these posts and also the post from the bbc and others are still on the web, I find this very strange when one considers that he wants justice! surely they would be the first to be taken down, then he would get a full pardon from the courts. Maybe he should write to his friend the Queen and ask her to get involved in the injustices he has suffered.

According to Manalien or Hobby or who he is calling himself today, he has hundreds of enemies, from all corners of the earth, now why would that be?  I believe this person is a professional stalker, he is online 24/7/365 lying and abusing others from all corners of the earth yet folks remember HIS IS THE VICTIM HERE!!!!!



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