Christopher John Hobby aka Kris Manalien Lies again this time about Tweevious


Where does he get them from, that’s what I would like to know, the lies just stream out of him fingers and probably his mouth like a tap of running water

I shall put this very simple so even the thickest ALIEN can understand.  I deleted this tweet yesterday

It sat right between these two tweets, there were only 2 tweets made on May 7th! 2017

Now Mr Hobby or Manalien or The worlds worst Liar why isn’t that deleted tweet showing up on Tweevious??????

Go on, I dare you to go and look for it and somehow convince others I hacked Tweevious to delete it there lol

This morning Kris Manalien a name for which he is proud of but never uses deleted 2 of his own tweets, these

Do not worry Kris, I have them both very safe for you. I am very much looking forward to meeting you in person on the 16th I do hope that those awful chemicals have been cleared away before then. My air ticket has just arrived, I am flying into Southampton on the 15th



Much more to come folks

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