Here is an example of Christopher John Hobby aka Kris Manalien stalking of a lady he is obsessed with. Will he ever stop?

We all know that Christopher John Hobby aka Kris Manalien was jailed for the stalking and abuse of Mr Robin Cracknell and his son (see pinned post)

Here we have proof of his stalking of a lady he is totally and utterly obsessed by, he searches twitter for any new account she may open then starts to stalk it and post tweets to her followers.  I can assure you Ms S has not been on twitter for the last 2 years since the birth of her grandchildren, whom she will protect against people like Kris Manalien aka Christopher John Hobby.

He is also insinuating that this account is also from the same lady, I have absolute proof it is not her, a DM conversation with someone who organised the monthly walks in London, remembering those who died in Grenfell Tower, up until December Corina was one of the marchers and is known very well with the help organisations.

Yet the Alien has even made a lying You Tube video about Corina being someone else.



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