All night long – The Alien does not need sleep like the rest of us

Christopher John Hobby aka Kris Manalien convicted stalker and abuser has been tweeting all night and making his malicious videos and uploading them to YouTube, he see’s nothing wrong with this as he has totally no regard for the law, which I shall endeavour to remind him of.  If you publish private messages or emails sent to you without the prior permission from the sender you are breaking the law regarding the copyright of same.  So I would advise anyone whose text messages or emails or court statements have been published by the Alien to contact the social media platform where these are shown and inform your local police force.  We are all very much aware of what Hobby/Manalien is capable of so be fore warned, do not enter into private messages with him as he will use these against you then you automatically become a member of his Super Troll Gang. Nobody is safe from this lunatic who desperately needs to be put away for his own good.

Just to prove to the madman on twitter that Debby has not removed any tweets, the reason you cannot see them is you have to go into tweets and replies then scroll all the way back into 2017 they are there here is the proof

Get out of this one mate: it is YOU who is the LIAR no one else.  If you have any human left in you, you should make a public apology to the lady in question

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