What is good for the goose is good for the gander

Anybody who knows about Christopher John Hobby aka Kris Manalien will know he sets up accounts to attack himself with, they may lay dormant for a while before he uses them but he will use them, So imagine my surprise this evening when I received an email from someone that the Alien was having a massive HISSY FIT because someone had changed their twitter account to one that the Alien had disowned when he changed the @name from @karenaguwater3 into @TeamRobert_2018 thus relinquishing ownership of the @karenaguwater3 account, so this is open to anyone who cares to use it. What the Alien does not tell you though is that this is something he always does, I am sure all of you remember Jans account on twitter @___JS2 well that was before the ALIEN hacked it and claimed it for himself.  You don’t believe me? here is the proof beyond any reasonable doubt and to 100% of the Criminal Standard


I mean I ask you, what are the chances of the ALIEN aka Christopher John Hobby aka Kris Manalien aka @ArtistMusicianX seeing this account which apparently follows no one, yet has one follower, yes you have it in one the ALIEN himself!!

Yet one has to ask why did he do this, well he did it with all intentions of attacking himself with it at a time suited to himself like he has done in the past with so many accounts,  there is something very interesting about this @ArtistMusicianX account which according to twitter was set up in June of this year

Now how could this relatively new account be following his @___JS2 account which he stole in august 2016, not very hard is it, he stole someone elses account first then changed that into the Artist account, which he has also stopped using.  All the pieces of the jigsaw coming nicely into place I think.

I wonder what Miss Karen will think of this piece of evidence now and what will their explanation be, we all wait with baited breath.

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