Christopher John Hobby aka Kris Manalien the biggest fantastist ever to be born

I should now mention that the Alien is now calling himself Christopher Manalien.  Oh what a malicious lying individual he is, I have also informed the police of his recent lies about my friend in Holland. The Alien would have everybody believe that she actually wasted her precious time by attending the Salisbury Courts of Justice, when I can completely swear she was nowhere near the UK on that day or any other day in the last few months and unlike the Alien we do have proof of where she was.  The Alien went to many lengths to find a CARAVAN not a camper as he would have you all believe, as they do have 4 wheels and not 2, he also picked one out with the make HOBBY, he even published these malicious lies on his YouTube channel


Any fool can see that is a caravan except the ALIEN that is, here you have the proof



Also be warned that the Alien keeps every conversation whether it by on twitter, Facebook or Skype to use against the person he is communicating with when he has finished with them, then they will join his non existent Troll Gang.  The police know he is a very sick individual to be avoided at all costs, otherwise it will cost you dearly.

He has to date more than 200,000 GB of files just like these, no wonder the police do not want to investigate him any longer, it would take a whole force to go through all these files of his, but this is also proof as to how sick this individual is.

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