Instructions on how to complain to twitter

Its amazing when you know how to report a tweet to twitter that is either defaming, pure fantasy or harassment, I shall show you step by step how to do this

First of all you go to the offending tweet which has your name mentioned in it, then click on the arrow next to the tweet

Another screen will appear asking you to pick other tweets of the same nature, I find that by tweeting them individually will make Twitter act faster so just click on ADD ONE

another screen will appear click on It’s abusive or harmful

Then another screen will appear asking who the tweet is about, you click on ME

Click on next then another screen will appear giving you a chance to say why this tweet is abusive or harmful,

Click on next, the report has now been sent and you will receive an email that it has been received

Yesterday evening I reported a lot of tweets

Then when I came home from work action had already taken place

Mission accomplished



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