Another YouTube video of the Alien hits the dust

Christopher John Hobby aka Kris Manalien convicted stalker and abuser will not admit it but many of his YouTube video’s have disappeared here is the latest proof I have for you all to see.

All these complaints were sent to twitter 2 of them were copyright complaints where he had used skype conversations and a twitter timeline both those video’s were deleted straight away.

here is the link to the deleted video


The other complaints will also be upheld by Wednesday at the latest

Here you can see if the Alien has been using any of your twitter timelines or Skype or phone messages putting them online, you see that is a copyright infringement thank goodness twitter take these things very seriously, as do Dorset Police. All this has been sent on to them.

For a website that according to the Alien doesn’t get much traffic I could almost say The Alien is becoming famous

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