The only way to stop a rabid dog is to destroy it!

Many people will be pleased that this YouTube channel has gone along with 169 despicable video’s which have caused many of their victims a lot of pain and suffering. Yet only yesterday a video appeared here letting people hear a program about the ALIEN and what he did to Robin Cracknell over a period of 4 years, completely legal to show to others, but the Alien or shall I say the ‘rabid dog’ is in complete meltdown because of it, yet he mourns the fact that I and my employers have had to take drastic measures to have just one of many YouTube channels taken down which were full of libellous and malicious lies, I believe that says far more about the person we are dealing with here.

I presume that Dorset Police are also overjoyed at the removal of this YouTube Channel, but, as the ‘Rabid Dog’ admits here he will be back with more of the same, well DOG you put them up, we will take them down, I found it my duty to send this message of yours to YouTube with your intentions to start yet another channel or maybe use one of the other ones you have, which are now also under the loop of the Legal Team at YouTube.  

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