The Aliens Vimeo Channel has also been taken down

Christopher John Hobby aka Kris Manalien now not daring to use his own name decided to use the name of his Lodger Robert Lee to open a Vimeo account to put his abusive video’s on. He must have loved Robert so much to do such an awful thing to blacken his name even in death.

The legal team of my employer is now busy with getting his other channels on YouTube taken down. Then they will start on all his WordPress blogs. I blame the Dorset Police for not doing their work to keep people safe, how many people has the Alien trolled and written the most horrific blogs about? your guess is as good as mine.  Dorset Police are very much aware of what I am doing, apparently they do not have the man power to do what is necessary to have all these malicious video’s, blogs and accounts removed from the internet.  I have Robin Cracknell on side as he is fuming that the Alien is now saying it was his brother who was stalking him, when the police and he has all the evidence that the right culprit was sent to prison.  He is also aware that the internet ban was overturned in 2014 under the guise of needing the internet to promote his work and to sell it.  Well we have proved that is not what he uses the internet for. 

His Internet Provider Sky have now also been approached as it is in their guidelines about their service being used with criminal intent.  The Alien is a danger to everyone who crosses his path.   Thank you all for reading this website, if you find other channels or blogs written by the Alien, send them to me in an email, I shall do my utmost to bring them all to the attention of the web host.


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