You can run but you cannot hide anymore Changing your name will not help you this time! Neither will God

Since my tweet storm this afternoon showing the world including Robin Cracknell how Christopher John Hobby aka Kris Manalien groomed my friend into involving Mark Williams Thomas into his sick little games, this one being one of revenge!

From the beginning of his fake friendship with my friend, he had one aim and that was to get her to have his victim Robin Cracknell arrested for paedophila. The Alien knew all along of her friendship with Mark Williams-Thomas she chatted enough with him on twitter back then, he saw a chance and took it. He had been obsessed with Mark Williams-Thomas since he found out that MWT had given advice on a film that the Aliens brother (The one he hates so much) was appearing in. 

Since this happened this afternoon, it has upset the Alien so much that he changed his twitter name not once, not twice but 3 times, little does he know I have my eye on him all the time now so when he changes his name I see it straight away, well my computer at home does. So up until this afternoon his account was

@TeamRobert_2018 he then changed it to @_TeamRobert2018 then to @TeamRobert2018_ at last glans it has become





Christopher does not want certain people to see what he is up to, TOO LATE they already know. So run all you like it would be impossible for you to stay hidden because you want other people to see you, so you can carry on with your sick evil crimes against them, not for long though now. On that you can be very sure.

By the way another 3 video’s were removed this evening, and believe me they know my name, I had to produce my passport!

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