More Lies from Christopher John Hobby aka Kris Manalien

I really do not understand what the Alien is on about today, as I have as yet not tweeted a single tweet, maybe he would like to show us all.  I would also love to know which tweet I have made supposedly implicating MWT to help myself and other victims of the Alien to make a perjured statement??????  

Not once in all my tweets have I mentioned my friend by name in any of my tweets, unlike yourself who mentions her and all your victims 24/7/365

For the record, I state, I have never ever spoken with or have had any contact with Mark Williams-Thomas except my tweets to him to let him know what you are trying to do with his reputation, just like the Alien did with his victim Robin Cracknell. As for my friend having absolute proof it was the Alien behind the keyboard on that chat, she has it.  Next you will be saying that it was all Roberts fault that you knew nothing about it, because if you had known you would have stopped him, knowing it would get you into a lot of trouble. Well it is too late for all that now






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