The Alien telling porkies again, are we surprised? well like hell we are

I am really getting sick of having to debunk the lying tweets of the Alien but I have to, as it puts many of his complaints to his local police force straight into the bin where they belong. On the 26th of June I posted this post I know for a fact that the Alien reads every post I publish so probably once again, he can only see what he wants to see not actually seeing what is actually written! as I have proved in earlier posts. Considering I made the above tweet nearly 2 months ago, it appears that the Alien is trawling through my time-line again hoping to find something he can lie about, like he has done here again! Now convincing himself once again that this website is owned by a J Millard who is according to the Alien also the twitter account @TheHelpfulTroll  only a couple of days ago he was saying that account belonged to a T Cooke. He keeps getting his ladies knickers in a twist, then having convinced himself, he sets about spreading his lies to others of course all these tweets and this post will be used once again to show the police what a liar the Alien is. Keep up the pretence Kris/Christopher that hole is getting bigger everyday! why block me when you read everything I tweet, come out from behind your masks and talk to me like a human being, lets have this out in front of everyone you are attacking, all once friends of yours, like Karen, when will you start to attack her? because we all know you will, you cannot help yourself. Digiprove sealCopyright secured by Digiprove © 2018

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