That Hole Just keeps on getting bigger – Debunking more Lies of Chris Manalien as he now calls himself

Once again he cannot help himself, the know it all who says I did not have to show proof of who I am, yet he will never admit it, he still does not understand that it does not matter how many times you tell the same lie, it will never become the truth, unless of course you are one Christopher John Hobby aka Kris Manalien convicted stalker/abuser/blackmailer of Robin Cracknell. 

Do I get an apology from him? don’t be stupid, that would go against the grain, he will never admit to anything, always blamed Robert, next it will be always blame Karen.  

As for me writing about evidence in my possession, unlike you, I know if I did that, it could never be used in a court of law.  Also you keep on about your brother and what he did to you, yet he has already been to court for all of that, he cannot be put again before a judge for it, so why keep on about it? before you ask, I do not know your brother, nor do I know any of those you claim are attacking you on a daily basis. As for my friend you have not shown one tweet or shred of evidence that she did anything to you, all words, YOUR WORDS who nobody believes.  So keep digging that hole for yourself. I shall keep debunking your lies.

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