Past and present victims of Christopher John Hobby aka Kris Manalien aka The Alien

After successfully having his TeamRobert2018 twitter account locked, the Alien opened another account this time calling himself @ExposingBy 


The Alien has had so many accounts either suspended or locked, but like a bad smell it keeps coming back to attack innocent people. 

Here are just a handful of his accounts


@2memoryofrobert @Abused2death @Abused2death16 @Alexand89562701 @BorgXpozers @Chrishobby2 @Chrishobby3 @ChrisHobby4 @Christo28112195 @Christo37988334 @Christo56084516 @Cjhobbyvictims @DukeofDoom2017 @DVSO2015 @DVsuppOrg @DVsupportOrg @ExposingTcrooke @Filthexposer17 @Fraudchaser2 @Hacker_expossr @Innocent_cries @JemKevexposed @KarenAguawater2 @Karenaguawater2 @Karenaguawater3 @KingNarccisist @KingNarcissist_ @Manalien @Manalienmoreyam @manslaughter @Millardexposer @MillarDisPsycho @PukWUDGIES_2018 @RJMMUSIC2015 @Robscousin1965 @Scharenhag @ScrewPsychoSup1 @StopTheBorg @Superhobby5000 @TheRealPaladin @TheRealPaladin1 @TeamRobert_2018 @Team_Robert2018 @_TeamRobert2018 @TeamRobert2018_ @Thantichris2017 @The_Genuine1_17 @The_real_1_2017 @TheAntiChris_17 @Theantichris_17 @TheAntiChris_17 @Theykilledrob16 @Torturedartistx @Trollarrest @Trollfinder2017 @Trollhunter2017 @Unjustsimonjust @Whodisden1

I know there have been many more, if you know of any, please let me know

Steve Sheriff,  Robin Cracknell and his son, Otto Holler, Dawn Hilton, Ruby Cooper, Ronnie Hobby, Debbie Bacon, Janette Scharenborg and her son, Mark Williams-Thomas, Mrs Austin, Mike Flynn, Gerry Coulter, myself, Saatchi, Ulla Thielenhuas, Morwenna Catt, Stanley Bluett, Eve Thomas, Ian McFadyen, Simon Just, The whole of Dorset Police, J. Millard, Sonia Poulton and many many more!

Even with all the evidence I have in my possession he is still allowed to carry on with his lies and innuendos.  Insisting that all these people are connected to each other to stalk and abuse him.  Nothing could be further from the truth. 



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