Playing the Victim the Aliens greatest hobby

Playing the victim is a favourite pastime for the Alien, when others are not giving him the attention he craves, he will send out a tweet saying things like this:

He does this all the time, then on the other hands he dares these people to come and meet him? he tells the world where he will be at different times of the day. Are these the acts of someone who is in danger? No, everybody can see through his lies.

Another trait of the Alien, he loves to scare people by telling them he is going to end it all, he has done this with everyone of his victims, a short while ago he also told someone he was going to travel to Liverpool and commit murder, then kill himself.  All these people have made reports to Dorset Police, so they are all registered. 

Here are just a couple I have in my archives, I have many more, but will keep them private for the time being. 

The police have acted several times on these threats, they go to see him, but he refuses to open the door, so they have twice kicked it in, I am sure they wont do that again, no, they will be pleased when he actually does the job properly, so will a lot of other people.   Another thing Chris, accusing people of Manslaughter is a criminal offence


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