Christopher John Hobby Obsessed with homosexuality and sexual abuse of children

Why is Christopher John Hobby so obsessed with homosexuality and sexual abuse of children? 

The Alien is alien to the truth! He is not a homosexual he is A sexual and so was his partner Robert, who was in fact just a lodger sharing accommodation. I came on twitter yesterday and really laughed my head off at this tweet


Now here is the truth:

For those of you that do not know what A sexual is……..


Confusing or just a pack of lies? you tell me A sexual

I think that Christopher John Hobby aka Kris Manalien aka Chistopher Manalien has lost the plot, he certainly does not remember what he tweets from one day to the next


For someone who has never been gay you certainly make a lot of fuss about being abused because you are gay plus you love to call everyone homophobic, so tell me Alien, how does that work?

So what does this tweet mean? it means he is a liar, well we all knew that